Generic web tool for publication of municipal cartography

municipal cartography publication

This is a great work of Miguel Álvarez Úbeda, as a final master's project at the University of La Coruña.

The objective of this project has been to propose a solution for municipalities and municipalities, with which they can do the storage, management and publication of cartographic information and that (not necessarily maps) that may have a spatial link. The approach towards the use of free software is marked, which seems to us a significant contribution, it is also interesting the economic analysis to clear that doubt that doing this with free software is free.

municipal cartography publication There is nothing left to praise this smoke, which not only includes the posture, but a prototype for its implementation and the explanation of basic terms that many could ignore before such a complex issue. All this has been made available under GPL license, and includes:

  • Powerpoint presentation. Ideal to form a general idea of ​​the scope of the project
  • Memory. 238 pages that explain theoretical contents related to geographic information systems, similar applications and example municipal portals in web content management, then the general project process from planning to implementation and performance testing. The user manual and design patterns consulted are also contained here.
  • The code and prototype. This is also included, developed on Eclipse and JAVA, PostGRE as a database engine and at least one PostGIS module. OpenLayers for Javascript libraries, Tomcat as servlet container, Geoserver for serving data and some other applications such as Liferay and JBoss Portal for content management and portability.

We congratulate the initiative to share this effort, which for new users in the subject allows them to clearly understand what role the different pieces involved in the publication of web content play, and for experts it is a collection document that will have to be used sooner or later .

Here Can download this content

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