Financing Urban Development

It is the name of the international forum that will be held in Tijuana, Mexico, from the 24 to the 26 of September of 2009. We think it is a very important issue for the Latin American environment, especially because it is based on experiences from these countries.

Urbi-005 And it is that those of us who have seen land-use planning contemplated in the top of a regularization project come to the conviction that the problem is not technical, not even administrative, but financial. The plans sound easy: reorder the road, relocate people, build multifamily buildings, reparcelar to recover public law, among others; But how to assume the cost of this exercise and achieve it in the medium term are the most complex challenges.

Speakers include people with sufficient merits, who come from the United States, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia, who will share both legal foundations, technical and successful experiences from different countries

Martim Smolka
Diego Erba
Antonio Azuela De la Cueva
Alfonso Iracheta
Magda Mountain
Ignacio Kunz

Interesting that one of the issues is based on urban financing based on cadastral information. The topics discussed on Thursday and Friday are:

  • General Framework of Urban Policies in Latin America
  • Urban Development and Real Estate Developments in Mexico
  • Urban Interventions in Mexico
  • Real Estate Developments in Baja California
  • Cadastral Information to Improve Financing
    Urban in Latin America
  • Cadastral Information to Improve Financing
    Urban in Tijuana
  • Legislation for Urban Financing in the Americas
  • Land Law in Mexico

On Saturday there will be visits to Valle de Las Palmas, where the staff of URBI will give their poem. Then it will go to Punta Colonet, there will be known how the Multimodal Project of the State Government works.

In good time for the Lincoln Institute, for now the platform to apply has not been available nor have they mentioned scholarship options, but they mentioned that in the next few days they will do so. You have to be aware, here you can find more information.

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