The Global Positioning System as a science fair project

My son's science fair has returned, and after several discussions with the teacher about project possibilities, they have finally approved one with which he jumped almost a meter of joy ... I almost both because it is a subject that we are both passionate about . Also because this project is original, we decided not to search the Internet anymore for what everyone has already done and the main reason why half of them are usually rejected or repeated.

Despite being a critical year, since 13 is just that stage when they begin to question authority, the injustices of life, between children and adolescents I have had to spend a little more time on issues that we do not necessarily share. A great boy, with a promising future in the world of marketing and technology ... although with several years still to rediscover his self-esteem within what is worth and separate what has no value to focus on.

The photo on the right looks like it was yesterday, when I earned the rejection of the family for applying the zero razor. Haha, they claimed it from me for several days, which now they no longer count because that photo was impressive.

Returning to the subject of the project, it is about presenting the operation of the GPS System. For this we must work on the weekend, making space between so much noise that Mother's Day causes; You have to build a model of the world, with orbits of the constellation of wire satellites, the continents drawn, latitudes and longitudes. With this he will explain how geographic coordinates work, how gravity allows objects to be placed in orbit and the reception of this signal from devices with integrated GPS.

Then with an iPad will demonstrate where the satellites go, although they are not seen, there is an application that allows you to simulate its turning it over the sky.

IMG_0257And finally he will explain how this system, together with the gps receiver that mobile phones and developed applications now bring, allow geolocation, showing Google Earth and the location where they are at school. Oh, I want to see that because the toy handles it like a Game Boy.


So, unlike the stress of last weekend with the fall of the site, now I have a very entertaining one, I must also buy a good lining to protect the iPad from any accident, train the boy so that more than repeating as a parakeet explain something more than just geography and above all, train him so that he will not generate distraction by bragging with his ability to play Iron-man ... As only he can do it!


Last year with the Methane gas stove he achieved first place in the class, in the school and in the capital school fair. Unlike, this time he is not going in a group, and… in an exciting subject.

We'll see how it goes ...

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