The Power of Infographics

A few days ago I was talking to one of my mentors about how important it is to capture the most important ideas about a graphic scheme. Whether it's a conceptual map, an uml scheme, a flow chart or simple scribbles on a restaurant napkin, the art of organizing ideas ends up being more than entertaining.

Infographics of luckThe infographic has taken something fashionable at this time, in the search to show a conceptual scheme, an abstract idea by means of graphs that are arranged in harmony, symmetry or movement; which is more useful than the traditional text-only abstract, or hundreds of pages of an idea difficult to explain in five minutes. Hence, visionaries have that habit of talking as in infographics, believing that everyone understands them; but go that 13 are necessary years later.

The example of the Infographics of Good Luck Amulets is about a fairly daily, folkloric and in many questionable subject matter as you understand that the only way to create luck is by being disciplined.

That the object of the infographic does not go with my common sense, does not limit me to give the merit to how it is constructed:

  • Starting from the amulets of luck, particularizes in the five most desirable amulets in the world:
    • Horseshoe
    • The four-leaf clover
    • The rabbit's paw
    • Elephant
    • Broom
  • Then the amulets of popular tradition:
    • The Happy Buddha for the Chinese
    • The candlestick for the Jews
    • The jade stone in other cultures with quasi extraterrestrial inheritance
    • The old shoe in medieval times
    • And the turtle in Feng Shui

Creativity seems interesting to me, although very linear and predictable when dealing with such a philosophical subject. In what I will be totally in agreement with the infographic (in terms of content), is that what for a context is good luck, in others it will be precious. In general the design, I like it and that moves me to do the review.

For my part, to write my luck with daily inspiration on things that are worth in the long term. For those who like this topic with more passion, there is the Infographics of lucky charms.

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