The other side of the IPad

Afternoon family, nothing like this to decompensate the pressures. I wanted to make this post to keep balance with the Drawings of my daughter with the IPad, Lest they fight over it.

Print screen ipad

This is another side of the sky, the best photos What I have taken you are liking the maw With a chicken soup, seabass, mondongo or simply Maggie noodles ... that yes, do not lower that shirt.

Print screen ipadBut the drawings of this element are another matter, in the IPad it has scarcely dedicated time to make textures to share them in emudesk and emudigital, or to make experiments changing the images to the characters emulated in Progect 64. That's why it's easy to punish him, you just have to leave him a month without playing games and he becomes a little angel; one day I asked him if he preferred two well-done pompoms or a week without games:

"The fajazos," he said with two tears of industrial size, "because in a couple of hours they no longer hurt me ..."

It seems that was born with this, these drawings I rescued them from the trash; Are the partial separators of your Music notebook in sixth grade ... just awesome the time you should have spent there.

Golgi_Page_1This is Samus, fighting with the monster Ridley. At the bottom in green, you can barely see Brinstar's nails.

Super Nintendo Metroid game.

To one side the seal of the teacher of music and song.

Golgi_Page_3Above, behind the Roman numerals III is Megaman X.

And the characters below say they are invented ice lions, they have no name yet.

The diagonal line is the check Of the teacher who suggested to do some drawing for the separators.

Golgi_Page_2This is Lan, of Megaman Star Force II, with the mask behind.

Drawn from the 19 5 page, 18 year of Club Nintendo.

It will not have a very aesthetic letter that we say but go drawing. I already want to see it when I learn to use AutoDesk Maya.

Some day they will be famous and I will auction the original sketches.

: )

2 Replies to "The other side of the IPad"

  1. I remember one day I never thought to punish physically. Heh, but when they are small, really a slash works if the subsequent dialogue is used.

    As they grew to deprive them of other privileges, it works as a better punishment.

  2. That story of industrial tears that strong ...
    Very good drawings and if you did with the iPad would be better ...

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