Be Inspired 2009 finalists

I have been invited to cover the Charlotte event, which will be awarded the most significant projects in innovation for the year 2009, formerly known as Be Awards, now Be Inspired. East It will be carried out from 12 to 14 for October.

Of the 17 categories I am interested in the Cadastral and territorial development, for which the finalists have already been named:

cadastre_ADC1 The SIG of Cáceres, in Spain.

This is a GIS development, from the City Council Caceres, which includes deployment to the Internet through Geoweb Publisher. The system contains more than 200,00 records, in close to 500 maps, in a Geographics project that includes 30 categories and more than 300 features.


cadastre_GT 2 The municipality of Tiel, in the Netherlands

This development includes adaptation of FlexiWeb, which is a private application that makes the Geoweb Publisher deployment more attractive. Apart from spatial data, it also includes documents, photographs and visualizations in 360 degrees.

cadastre_KASL 3 The 29 fire station, in California

This is a great smoked, which integrates hydraulic design with different applications including CivilStorm and Transoft's AutoTurn. The development includes applications with 3D pdf, with digital terrain model adapted to Google Earth and architectures with Sketchup!


Here I summarize the finalists of the other categories, by country (several categories include more than one finalist for the United States):

Bridges Australia, USA, Vietnam
Buildings United Kingdom, USA,
Cadastre Spain, Holland, USA
Campus and airports USA, India
Communication networks USA, Czech Republic
Mining & Metals South Africa, Madagascar, Australia
Oil and gas New Guinea, USA, Ukraine,
Energy generation Belgium, Spain, USA
Transit and trains Holland, United Kingdom, USA, Sweden
Carreteras Australia, USA, India
Profit Share Germany, USA, Turkey
Hydraulic systems United Kingdom, USA, Australia
Hydrosanitary systems Turkey, Philippines, India
Display USA, United Kingdom
Teamwork United Kingdom, USA, Brazil
Generative design Ukraine, United Kingdom, India
Structural engineering United Kingdom, Korea, USA

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