The crisis in Honduras ... continues

Those who are traveling, staying where they are, closed airports, my son happy because he will not have his exam. Curfew for more than 24 hours, no business, no work, no solution.

16896 The rest, only a continuity of the same novel in which the extremes, each day polarized more ... after almost three months of his spark. It is dangerous to say something, because the neighbor could be on the other side and it would be terrible to break a lifelong relationship with a sincere emotion. The easiest thing is to think that Zelaya or Micheletti (one of the two) is the culprit of everything; humans are like that, our mind leads us to simplify complex issues and the brain facilitates the puzzle by blaming a person, a small group, a date, a conjuncture or a political party.

In doing a reading of the last 50 years, we are all aware that revolutions are necessary to create precedents and make significant transformations.16908 It would be painful to go through a crisis without creating roots for the necessary changes (because there are) before a social debt that can not be hidden, pernicious customs of politicians accustomed to do what they want, limited visions of construction participatory and a gap between reality and what we sell canned. To create changes you have to write, think, propose, dream ... not just put a red scarf on your face or a white shirt (outside). The contingency is beyond what Wikipedia mentions, easy to work it out, but it is not so simple to take it into context without being partialized.

Contingency… Contingency differs from the possibility, from a formal point of view, that possibility includes affirmations or propositions that are necessarily true as well as some not necessarily false, whereas it can not be said that a proposition is contingent if it is necessarily true.

Some of us can be behind 105 keys, with the peace of mind that we have not lost the 125 kbps and believe that "they" must solve their problem. But we are also human in a borrowed country, that we have sincere family and friends, some breaking their chest with resistance, others with the tank throwing jets of water; both, aware of their responsibility and conviction. That's why we can not stop feeling, because deep down we are brothers and the situation made us defend thoughts that let go of the tangent at a moment that we do not know.


But well, we hope it will not cost us another 12 years of civil war in the meanders of the river Araute, that we do not have to lose more relatives and that once and for all ... these bastards to agree.

After this, we will appreciate the space that this crisis gave us to propose, and if it is possible to unite neural remnants that make sense, to build a consistent outcome to the needs that could not be hidden in as much noise. We would also appreciate that some people stand aside and let those who wait for a place to contribute work ... and of course, I hope to enjoy a barbecue with my neighbor again on Friday night.

That's life, utopian as the last paragraph, real as the first and exciting as the moment I pressed the "publish" button ... just 4 minutes before the power went off.

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  1. good I think that micheletti is trash and the power does not correspond, it is not right on his part not want to leave the legitimate president of Honduras end his time, I do not know that he expects to realize that he is doing damage to the people he supports Manuel Zelaya and making it more difficult to solve.

  2. Now that the situation in Honduras is further aggravated, I feel that I can not stop expressing my opinion regarding these very serious facts.

    1) The Beginning: Taking a president of the government palace in pajamas and taking him by helicopter to Costa Rica (if I recall) is, in my opinion, a coup d'etat here and in Cochinchina. That if it was good or bad, I leave it aside, not because I do not have an opinion about it; but not to move the waters of this restless sea that surrounds us.

    2) The Situation Created: There are two sides in conflict and their clashing increasingly harsh have become in a Civil War; terrible term for what it brings: death and destruction.

    3) What can happen: Two things amaze me: First that Micheleti calls Brazil and threatens to enter her embassy, ​​knowing that this attitude is like an invasion and / or declaration of "war." Second, that the now famous "Mel" Zelaya call his followers for the "final offensive" with absolute irresponsibility and knowing that the bloodshed would be even greater.

    Dear G!, What you call "bastards" with all property will not agree, simply because the political class is missing the UNDERSTANDING. They can much more their ambitions and their interests. And look that inequality, poverty, marginalization exist. But those who raise the defense of inequalities and commit abuses of all kinds. As well as those who believe themselves as Democrats commit them fully and let you know what kind of "Illuminatis" they tell you what you have to do.
    And with regard to children ... I believe and I will always believe that by explaining the importance of moral values, honesty and what we say here Decency, the world can still have an opportunity to be that for which all people of good will have always dreamed .
    Finally, I leave you with the verses of Leon Gieco who so excitedly sings the "black" Mercedes Sosa:
    I only ask God
    that the war is not indifferent to me,
    Is a big monster and stomp
    All the poor innocence of the people.

    Greetings from Peru

  3. to the people who are involved in demonstrations in Honduras that carry children and that carry minors or older people who can not run there, they are going to do something they are looking for something to happen so that at the expense of the children it comes to the power of Again, the criminal who violated the political constitution of Honduras, when Zelaya would have been the first who should have respected that expected from other criminals. but as the corrupt support the corrupt and this is supported by fidel chavez insulsa and other company from the south.
    congratulations to the Honduran people's Honduran government
    resist and fight for a democratic and non-dictatorial country like fidel chavez and company.

  4. I join what Gerardo says, that children do not "unlearn" ways of resolving conflicts ... and also that as you say those who do not contribute or "disarray" depart, that society itself can decide, that a change is created now that there is a forced space and that you and the society that surrounds you can continue transmitting, working, sharing with the neighbor, with the family and with all who read you from all over the world ...

    Greetings from Iberia ...

  5. Back ... I express the same thing as last time, I hope children do not see or hear violent acts so that they will never again think that it is a method of change, of fixing something, as adults think.

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