28 Finalists for Natural Wonders

The 28 competitors have already been announced for the final phase of the competition for the 7 natural wonders, during several post we followed this topic. Reviewing I realized that it is not little that this topic entertained me, I would have created a category because this is already my post 12 on the subject:

    1. Vote for 7 natural wonders
      In this post in January of 2008 I launched my 7 favorites in the Spanish speaking countries, of these only survive the Angel Falls. (1 7)
    2. As the 7 Natural Wonders Go Round, January 2008
      A month later I made a proposal according to the growth statistics, survive: El Salto del Angel, Grand Canyon, Galapagos and Iguazú. (4 7)
    3. What are the 7 natural wonders that will win
      On this date he spoke of the probable distribution of wonders if one opportunity were given per continent
      Asia: 3
      South America: 1
      Central America: 1
      North America: 1
      Europe: 1
    4. The population: a disadvantage in 7 natural wonders
      In this post he talked about the possibilities faced by the population by continent with Internet access.
      Asia would have 4, Europe 3, North America (not including Mexico) would have 2 and Latin America 1.
    5. 7 wonders, almost everything returns to normal
      Here 21 suggested possible finalists, with 3 candidates for each continent. Of those I hit 7.
    6. In this post, the 11 / 11 / 11 the winners were published

    The process

    Just to refresh them, how the selection process works, right now that we are in the last stage.

    All nominees

    Short list

    The finalists

    7 natural wonders 7 natural wonders 7 natural wonders
    This process started from 2007, with 440 shares of 220 countries. Then the 77 candidates who had the most votes and who also received the necessary documentation from their countries were selected. In this stage we are, a couple of days ago the announcement was made that the 28 finalists have been selected, from which 7 will be released.

    The 28 finalists

    Candidate Country Continent
    1.Selva Amazonas
    2 Angel Falls
    3 Fundy Bay
    4 The anvil
    5 Galapagos Islands
    6 Grand Canyon
    7 Iguazu Falls

    Puerto Rico
    United States
    Brazil / Argentina
    America (7)
    8 Black Forest
    9 Cliffs Moher
    10 Masurian Lake
    11.Matterhorn / Matterhorn
    12 Mud Volcanoes
    13 Vesuvio
    Switzerland / Italy
    Europe (6)
    14 Archipelago Bu Tinah Shoals

    15 Dead Sea

    16 Halong Bay

    17 Jeita Grotto
    18 Jeju Island
    19 Maldiva's Islands
    20 Suberráneo Puerto Princesa
    21 Sundarbans
    22 Yushan


    Israel, Palestine, Jordan


    South Korea

    India / Bangladesh
    Chinese Taipei

    Asia (9)
    23 The Great Barrier Reef

    24 Komodo
    25 Milford Sound
    26 Uluru

    Papua New Guinea and Australia


    Oceania (4)
    27 Kilimanjaro
    28 Table Mountain
    South Africa
    Africa (2)

    My Predictions

    A pity, but there are not enough quotas, barely
    We would wait for 2 posts in America. For now what a great achievement that have had candidates that we did not believe came to this point, it also gives us some regrets that were left behind; This is my prediction:

    In America:

    • Amazonas
    • Grand Canyon

    In Europe:

    • Black forest

    In Asia:

    • Halong Bay
    • Puerto Princesa

    In Oceania:

    • Coral barrier

    In Africa:

    • Kilimanjaro (if he gets enough votes)

    The new voting panel has now been improved, you must select the candidates by clicking on the green button.

    7 natural wonders

    ----Here you can vote-----

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