Comparison table of almost 50 total stations

GeoInformatics has surprised us this month with an edition in which 49 shows different total stations in a comparative table that can be very useful for those who need to make a decision at the time of a purchase, as well as to follow the track to a model that has Been evolving in a couple of years.

Comparative table of total stations

Some of these brands are very rare because of their lack of penetration in the Hispanic market and also because of the novelty or because more than one has changed its name. Of the historical ones of the Review of 4 years ago Appears Leica of which survives the name Flexline and the representative of Europe where it is its origin, Nikon and SPECTRA appear although they are now Owned by Trimble that in the previous table it did not appear with own equipment. Those resistant to mergers, Topcon and Sokkia (Topcon Property) of Asian origin that have certainly had a lot of penetration in the Latin American market. FOIF and PENTAX maintain the nomenclature there by adding.

And the absent ones in the table: CST / Berger, SOUTH that now figures very close to KOLIDA.

Below we list the equipment considered and the year of introduction, although we suggest you save the pdf edition because it is for collection.


Equipment Included

FOIFComparative table of total stations
  • OTS 810 Win CE TS (2009)
  • OTS 680 Ultra (2011)
  • OTS 680 Power (2008)
  • OTS 650 Basic (2010)
Comparative table of total stationsGeo-allen
  • GTS 310 (2012)
  • GTS 335r (2012)
  • GTS 345r (2012)
GeoMaxComparative table of total stations
  • Zipp 10 (2012)
  • OTS 650 Basic (2010)
  • Zoom 80 (2012)
Comparative table of total stationsHORIZON
  • H92 (2012)
  • HTS 582AGX (2007)
Comparative table of total stationsKOLIDA
  • KTS 440L (2006)
  • KTS 440R (2008)
  • KTS 440RC / LRC (2010)
  • KTS 470RC / LRC (2011)
LeicaComparative table of total stations
  • Flexline TS06 plus (2012)
  • Flexline TS09 plus (2012)
  • Live TS11l (2010)
  • Live TS15l (2010)
  • TS30 (2009)
NikonComparative table of total stations
  • Nivo C (2009)
  • Nivo M (2009)
Comparative table of total stationsPENTAX
  • R-400VN (2009)
  • R-400N (2009)
  • R-400VDN (2009)
  • W-800 (2007)
  • R-200 (2011)
RUIDE Comparative table of total stations
  • RTS-822R5 (2012)
  • RTS-862R5 (2012)
SANDING Comparative table of total stations
  • STS-752RC (2012)
  • STS-772R (2011)
SOKKIA Comparative table of total stations
  • CX Series (2012)
  • FX Series (2012)
  • NET AX Series (2011)
  • SX Series (2012)
SPECTRA Comparative table of total stations
  • FOCUS 6 (2009)
  • FOCUS 8 (2009)
  • FOCUS 30 (2009)
Comparative table of total stationsTOPCON
  • ES Series (2012)
  • IS-3 Series (2011)
  • MS-AX Series (2011)
  • OS Series (2012)
  • PS Series (2012)
Trimble Comparative table of total stations
  • M3 (2010)
  • S3 (2010)
  • S6 (2011)
  • S8 (2011)
  • VX (2010)

To decide which, there is nothing better than sitting down with the local distributor and listening patiently to the poem. Then decide based on what we occupy, not based on what they offer us.

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2 Replies to "Comparative table of almost 50 total stations"

  1. Hi July.
    I have forwarded your request to a representative of Geo Allen who distributes equipment in Peru.
    Tell him to apply the discount of Z! Coupons with Geofumadas_CT code, and it sure is worth it.


  2. I want to know if they have a distributor in Peru, and how much is the average price in US Dollars of a Submetric GPS equipment for topography, of the Geo Allen brand.

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