Applied-Streetview Camera System

Applied Streetview Equipment and Systems are the product of years of experience with a customer segment. From its first client generating georeferenced cartography in Bogotá, Colombia, they have expanded their clientele to all the continents of the planet, contributing in a great variety of projects and industries.

The applications of their equipment are broad as we can imagine, considering that little by little the demand of the Streetview grew to solve the needs and lower the costs of large projects. In this case, the promoter of these products specializes in providing equipment and complete programs for the recording, processing and publication of Streetviews of high resolution, with absolute autonomy and authorship.

What use can you give to Applied Streetview?

  • Mapping
  • Construction
  • Advertising
  • Real estate
  • Education
  • Mining
  • Defense
  • Security
  • Urban planification
  • Railway Industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Public services
  • Weather Services

The House

The high resolution camera is the central axis of these systems, with ample data capture capacity, recording up to 7 panoramic images per second. The data and metadata are stored in the camera in an interchangeable SSD memory, saving up to 250.000 Streetview images and up to 9 hours of continuous capture.

A series of versatile brackets are available for each of the Applied Streetview products. Each of the three lines of the system are designed to implement the capture of data in a wide variety of terrains, and with total autonomy.

Car Camera System

The system can be connected to any standard car or vehicle to quickly capture data across roads, highways, dirt tracks and more.

The system includes:

  • Magnetic mounting for the roof
  • 30 Megapixel Camera
  • Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (8 ") as WiFi Remote Control
  • Android Application Remote Control
  • Interchangeable SSD memory
  • UV Interchangeable Filters
  • GNSS receiver (4 GPS in one)
  • Antenna (leveling device)
  • Battery and charger
  • Quick-Connect Connector} Bluetooth Battery Monitor
  • One year license for Creator, our exclusive Streetview processing program
  • Online Browser
  • Robust camera housing
  • Cables and spare parts

The programs


It is included with the purchase of a Team. This program processes 50.000 Streetviews in 24 hours and creates a work browser, with the possibility of adjusting this intuitive tool to your own needs.


This exclusive Photogrammetry software makes it easy to create and integrate elements and / or georeferenced values, useful for the browser. You can use the Photogram to label elements, point out points of interest to facilitate the search; to measure distances and surfaces.


The Android application is installed on the Samsung Galaxy S2 (8 ") tablet that comes with the device. Intuitive Remote Control allows you to control and visualize camera and GPS functions when producing Streetviews.

Applied Streetview is a fairly complete solution for what a company needs

If an image is worth a thousand words, then Applied Streetview could be equivalent to an entire novel. Applied Streetview offers the opportunity to produce and publish an own story in 360 degrees, as a complete solution, full of options and versatilely adaptable to different types of businesses, industries and applications.

Applied Streetview is at the forefront of a growing market. Its solutions are available globally, including the need for industries, to create high volume Streetviews in high resolution, to maintain absolute control and security at all times. Applied Streetview is, in short, a very precise, simple, complete and autonomous system; Of the best I've seen in the market.

There are no limits to the application of this type of high resolution images. This includes ingesting, surveying and cartography, as well as documentation of large-scale infrastructures, such as power lines, pipelines, fiber optic cables and existing assets.

The jewel of Applied Streetview is the Creator, this intuitive and interesting processing program is capable of handling 50,000 Streetviews in one day. This provides the key to maintaining all the data handling and final output of the Streetview Navigator, allowing you to decide what, when and with whom to share the results.

Applied Streetview's three basic Automotive, Backpack, and Railroad computers cover most of the land and geography needed to generate Streetviews. Programs based on Open Formats are capable of complex customizations for more advanced programmers. With training packages, many of the technical needs of Applied Streetview Hardware and Software are covered, eliminating the need to outsource external services when solving workflow needs.

"The high quality of our Streetviews helps in making critical decisions in the day to day of any business, either to know the true nature of the surroundings of a new construction site, or to show clients or investors where it is located. located a high interest point. No other medium can do this better than a series of Streetviews from before, during and after. We have made our system with the business client in mind, empowering it with a turnkey solution to capture, process and display Streetviews en masse. Keep all the internal work flow, is fast, flexible and cheap, having control of the whole process ».

Jan Mantkowski, CEO of Streetview Technology GmbH

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