Speaking of obsolete masters ...

Not to bother, but here I leave an exam of mathematical foundations for topography at the University of Jaen ... in rock art.

Topography survey

cara21 face


Maybe a calligraphy course doesn't hurt ...

Vía: Mename me

5 Replies to "Speaking of Obsolete Teachers ..."

  1. I also studied there, and yes there are peculiar teachers, but that seems to me something exceptional; It is very rare for them to take a "freehand" exam.

    I would say with total certainty, that this is a test copied by hand by a student, not the original submitted by the teacher.

    And also I'm with Txus, I do not see anything interesting to the post.


  2. It's that I studied there ... and it touched my soul 8)

  3. Hey! How do you always catch me with these posts ... hehe

  4. I don't see where the news is… 🙁, in calligraphy?… And what does it have to do with topography? 😕

    Do not lower the level, G !!! Your post is a reference

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