Selling software on the Internet every day is easier

For a business to function, four elements must be integrated in a functional way, which in marketing are called the 4P

  • A creator who has a Products What to offer,
  • A buyer who is willing to pay a Price for him,
  • A salesperson who can do Promotion the product
  • A place that serves as a Plaza To do the transaction

For many local businesses that is easy, for the sale of software it has been complicated, not because there is no need and sufficient solutions but because of the place where the business actors come together. Let's review how the creators of RegNow solved this situation in the mass consumer software market.

Regnow The creator. It makes a computer tool, of massive sale, that solves a detected need, not necessarily astral, easy to use. You need a practical way to spread its usefulness, show a trial version to show that it is worth your purchase. And of course, make profits that do not replenish the neurons but pay the bills.

He would also be willing to pay a commission on each insured sale if others do it for him. In this way you can dedicate yourself to creating more, answering questions from customers who have purchased the product or potential interested in acquiring it.

Regnow The buyer. They have the need, they want to know that there is at least one solution, affordable and that can be downloaded as a trial to make sure it is what they need. You are also interested in the opinion of others regarding the tool, communicate with the creator for specific inquiries and that your transaction is secure.

Is called RegNowRegnowA business based on the needs of both. The creator can make a limited version, upload it to RegNow without paying for it, offer a commission and write what is necessary in their own space, which can be a blog or create a product catalog. For sale purposes, just place a button that refers to RegNow, whoever downloads the tool can use it and if they are sure that it meets their need, they will buy it.

RegnowThe seller. RegNow It cannot reach everyone, the creator with his meager visits cannot sell enough, it is time for the promoters. People who have spaces with high traffic specialized in this type of solution, who can place a text link or preferably talk about it. They enter RegNow, see the product, offer to be partners with the creator in exchange for the commission offered, and if he accepts, there is business.

Thus, the customer buys your product, the seller, RegNow and creator receive the agreement. And everyone is happy, there is business.

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  1. How do I register in regnow.
    I have a software that i want to sell

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