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  • List of software used in remote sensing

    There are countless tools to process data obtained through remote sensing. From satellite images to LIDAR data, however, this article will reflect some of the most important software for handling this type of data. …

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  • TwinGEO 5th Edition - The Geospatial Perspective

    THE GEOSPATIAL PERSPECTIVE This month we present Twingeo Magazine in its 5th Edition, continuing with the central theme of the previous “The Geospatial Perspective”, and that is that there is a lot to be cut regarding the future of geospatial technologies and…

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  • Interview with Carlos Quintanilla - QGIS

    We spoke with Carlos Quintanilla, current president of the QGIS Association, who gave us his version of the increase in demand for professions related to geosciences, as well as what is expected of them in the future. No…

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  • AulaGEO, the best course offer for Geo-engineering professionals

    AulaGEO is a training proposal, based on the Geo-engineering spectrum, with modular blocks in the Geospatial, Engineering and Operations sequence. The methodological design is based on "Expert Courses", focused on competencies; It means they focus on…

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  • Of the best in the news of QGIS 3.X

    It is interesting how Open Source initiatives have managed to sustain themselves in a stable manner and provide business opportunities for those who have added value to contribute; while allowing dedication to the core of the business knowing that the requirements…

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  • All News from QGIS

    This is a review article of all the new things that happened in QGIS. At this time updated to version 2.18. QGIS is today one of the greatest open source tool experiences, with the potential…

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  • Best QGIS Courses in Spanish

    Taking a QGIS course is surely in the goal of many for this year. Of the open source programs, QGIS has become the most demanded solution, both by private companies and organizations…

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  • 3 of the 27 changes of QGIS 2.18

    When we are about to end the life of QGIS in versions 2.x, waiting for what will be QGIS 3.0, this page shows us what is included in QGIS 2.18.11 'Las Palmas' that was made official in the month of July of this…

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  • Python: the language that geomatics should prioritize

    Last year I was able to witness how my friend "Filiblu" had to put aside his Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming, with which he felt quite comfortable, and roll up his sleeves learning Python from scratch, to develop...

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  • QGIS, PostGIS, LADM - in the Land Administration Course developed by IGAC

    In the convergence of different initiatives, aspirations and challenges that Colombia is experiencing to maintain leadership in the southern cone in geospatial matters, between July 27 and August 4, the Information Research and Development Center…

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  • Private free software

    Migrating a Geospatial platform 10 years later - Microstation Geographics - Oracle Spatial

    This is a common challenge for many Cadastre or Cartography projects, which in the 2000-2010 period integrated Microstation Geographics as a spatial data engine, considering reasons such as the following: Arc-node management was and continues to be extremely practical, for…

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  • Import coordinates from Excel to QGIS and create Polygons

    One of the most common routines in the use of Geographic Information Systems is the construction of spatial layers from information from the field. Whether this represents coordinates, parcel vertices, or elevation grids,…

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  • Alternatives to use QGIS on Android & iOS mobiles

    QGIS has positioned itself as the fastest growing open source tool and sustainability strategy for geospatial use. We are pleased to know that mobile versions of QGIS already exist. The exponential use of mobile applications means that…

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  • QGIS 3.0 - How, when and what; it implies

    Many of us are wondering: when is QGIS 3.0 going to be released? Last year (2015) the project team started researching when and how QGIS 3.0 was going to be released. They promised, according to a post by Anita Graser,…

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  • Qgis - Thematize parcels based on a field of the cadastral key

    The Case: I have the plots of a municipality, with a cadastral key conformation in the following way: Department, Municipality, Sector, property. such that the nomenclature is composed as shown in the image: Example: 0313-0508-00059 The Need The situation is…

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  • Qgis - An example of good practices in the OpenSource model

    Every time we sit down before a company or institution that wants to implement a platform with a territorial management approach, accustomed to hearing many negative voices regarding OpenSource models, this question arises with slight variations. Who is responsible for...

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  • Comparison and differences between QGIS and ArcGIS

    The folks at have put together an invaluable article comparing GQIS with ArcGIS, on no less than 27 topics. It is clear that the life of both platforms is abysmal, considering that the origins of QGIS go back…

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  • Import data from OpenStreetMap to QGIS

    The amount of data in OpenStreetMap is really large, and although it is not completely up-to-date, in most cases it is more accurate than data traditionally collected through cartographic sheets with a scale of 1:50,000. In QGIS...

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