Problem 3, Acer Aspire One: One key

After working, one of the keys seems to be stuck, I press it gently and it does not write, it needs a stronger pressure. It is annoying to have such a key, in conventional keyboards it was easier to buy a new keyboard than to repair a key, but in the case of a laptop this is not so simple.

You have to start by seeing what key is, for example, if they are the scroll arrows, letter x, z, c, s, f, a, do the spacebar and you have guys who use the computer; It is possible that it is due to the excessive use of these keys in games. Many children are very irresponsible, they even hit the keys when they lose the game or they think that giving them a stronger shot will be more damaging.

Repair-keyboard-key-1 If it is not a question of these pieces, it is certain that something is in the way, because the keys of the Aspire One They are a small plastic cascarita mounted on a metal plate that forces upward, its simple design does not suggest that it is damaged by normal use.

To solve it, with a clamp the key is extracted, tearing it by one end, soft but firm. First from above, pulling it towards the corner, then down, down the bottom pulling it.

Guess it was: one one. And I'm not talking about some mysterious object, a tiny fingernail of those that fly away when you cut them.

And as such it could be affecting objects that often fall there, such as hairs, crumbs, seed husks, etc. Then, the piece is placed firmly, and pressed with a strong finger. If this is not resolved, there is no other way to find the workshop.

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  1. Hello: My son has Acer ASpire One D260. For a few weeks now the touch panel has not responded, it has moved inaccurately and it is difficult (or impossible to use). I connected a wireless mouse, although it is better not working either well. We have put the cursor control back to the default values ​​(in case we had mistakenly changed something) but it does not work either. Do you know what it can be?

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