Testing the Kodak EasyShare M341

After the irreparable loss of my Benq, the one that sure funny Is enjoying at the expense of my carelessness, I went for a cheaper option to get out of step.RED-M341

Interesting as this toy that does not exceed the US $ 150 does its wonders. In general, almost like any other camera of these times, with half the price of a Sony with its annoying MemoryStick. This supports SD.

Resolution: 12.2 Mega pixels. That's enough, anyone would take little importance to so much, but you can tell the difference when taking photos with a lot of zoom and cut small areas.

The shot in panorama: It's pretty good, it's not a simple union of continuous photos, but it makes a kind of degradation following changes of tone not necessarily linear. This is an example of the Gulf of Fonseca, in the Central American Pacific, impeccable transition although I remember that the brightness bothered me to the extent that I could not see the overlap.


See this shot, which despite being non-continuous scenes, does its best to merge the transition. That was taken by my daughter at her whim.


Taking in motion: In the fast access wheel, you have options to capture in object speed, shot for moving camera, video capture. See this photo taken from the vehicle:


You can see that the zoom maintains sharpness. It is not magic of the camera, it is of the 12 Mega pixels.

This is the sunrise in the holy week of the Quimistán Valley, in Honduras. Without zoom, the sun would not be in that size.

And, to be in motion the car, is not bad.

The photo has a bad control of the two thirds, but that morning the valley was a chulada, like to inspire any geofumada to cut delicately the veins with the scalpel of Doctor Gray.

If only you were not
Something less than my shadow ...

But not today ... I'm two days away from going on vacation.


Otherwise: Common predefined features that already bring all, such as high resolution documents, sunset photos, backlight objects, candlelight, children playing with bright light, inside museum, bright on the beach, bright in snow, self-portrait, nearby objects, fireworks , etc.


In the example, the boys, sad that the turtle Sebastian died. One sad night, we made a solemn wake, and without much protocol we threw it into the river from the bridge.

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  1. I'm not funny, I just stole your camera to feed my children with the money I was going to get for it.

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