PowerCivil for Latin America, first impression

I've already installed this toy, which I told you about yesterday, I'm talking about the V8i version.

inroads_3At the beginning, a panel is raised where all the functionalities are concentrated. At the bottom are the tabs:

  • surfaces
  • Geometry
  • preferences
  • Drainage
  • Topography
  • Templates
  • Corridors
  • Construction shaper

Although these are long, you can narrow the left panel, and with a right button in the area you can change tab.

Each one has a context menu in the left panel, such as the one I'm displaying in the image and the right panel has the selected object's display.

powercivil for

Thus, the example shows that I am in the surfaces tab, with powercivil for selection of a surface called Original, and to the right they show things like amount of points, triangles, breaklines, etc.

In the upper menu, the function commands are shown as the example shown for Drain, where options for visualization, data creation, editing, calculation, etc. appear.

The panel is nothing new, the same as InRoads, but with the advantage of concentrating routines for engineering. And this is very good so as not to mislead users of previous programs in this Bentley line.


In general, compared to the dispersion of Geopak, And the flavors of InRoads, I find it very good, you need to try if everything is there.

As I said in the previous post: PowerCivil: It is InRoads with platforms, drainage, topography, MicroStation and in Spanish.

I tried to assimilate the logic with AutoDesk Civil powercivil for3D, and they are very different things in terms of menus.

In that, the eyelashes Prospector y Settings separate the handling of templates.

The rest is quite similar, and what both programs do seems to be almost the same. I think it is a great advantage that the Civil 3D panel can be hung at the ends, while the PowerCivil one is floating, although both can be adjusted in size. PowerCivil's left panel can be detached, leaving convenient functionality for placing both windows in places where they are less in the way.

Already playing we will see how to do with PowerCivil the drill of Curves of level and alignments that we had developed a few days ago.

Solving the problem of libraries

At the outset I had a strange error:

Error loading the LOCALE resources library, gpkSiteString.drx

powercivil for

This is solved easy - I say easy, because it is as simple as skype to a friend - adding the InRoads library on the route:

C: Program files BentleyPowerCivilInRoadsGroupbin where at least the 1033 and 3082 folders should exist, powercivil forwhichever one does not exist, all files are created and copied to this folder.

With this is resolved, in my case it was a folder named 1034, I could have renamed it but I preferred to go there.

These are the drx that are assigned to run on compiled tools for a version runtime. In the case of PowerCivil, this is the case, because it runs as if it were a custom InRoads, developed on the Microstation VBA.

In conclusion, it seems to me a good customization and concentration of functionalities of InRoads and Geopak. But if it works in the logical way of project development, we'll see.

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  1. Greetings Jorge.
    I understand that these license versions are already configured for the context. That is, if you buy one for Civil for USA, it does not bring the Civil for Latin America settings.

  2. I have the English version, how can I customize it and configure it for Latin America or Colombia?

  3. I am a user of Civil 3D, and I want to try the Powercivil, you can tell me how I can download it. You can help me get it and whatever it takes to load it.
    In advance I thank you.
    Jose Luis

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