Pointools, the steroids of Bentley Descartes

Descartes is Bentley's product equivalent (in part) to what Raster Design does from AutoDesk. Usually the most useful thing that has been promoted so far is the treatment of images, although it has much more to offer, I remember barely having spoken on a couple of occasions about the creation of Vector data from scanned drawings And also on the Fusion of images With clipping polygons.


But Bentley wants to take this software further on a very avant-garde topic: point clouds, an issue in which they have been insisting for the past year, to the extent that at the last conference in Amsterdam they used the metaphorical phrase "Steroids for Bentley Descartes" .

Let's look at two strategies that seem to be remarkable in that effort by I-models and their Return to talent.

The purchase of Pointools Ltd

This is a company that developed one of the most innovative products in the management of point clouds. Despite being a young tool, it grew in a surprising way thanks to its openness to work with the big manufacturers of equipment and software simultaneously.

Half of its growth was achieved with Pointools Suite, a very attractive tool for data management with a surprising agility, essential requirement in these files where you do not talk about thousands of data but millions. The basic functionalities became quite attractive, in matters like filtering of unnecessary obstacles, intelligent filtering with recoloration and animation of high quality.

Bentley discards

The rest was achieved with Vortex that includes an API on which not only Bentley but AutoDesk, Rhino, Sketchup, also Trimble, Leica, Topcon and others were integrated. Perhaps the most attractive was the interoperability sought, which added to the compactness of the files and the rich content made it very attractive.

Bentley discards

The pursuit of human talent

But there is much more than a great tool for Bentley to think about this matter. The two geniuses behind Pointools were strategically followed, one of them Joe Croser, who was Bentley's International Marketing Director between 2005 and 2010, when he went from being a company from 300 to 500 million.

Croser left Bentley and between 2010 to 2011 as Vice President of Pointools developed a strategy of growth and market penetration that increased sales by an 90% and raised the value of the product in an 50% until it finished in his masterful act with the purchase of the company by Bentley Systems in 2011. Now Croser has his own company: Oundle Group, where he took Larry Reagan, another former Bentley and they are dedicated to what they know how to do: help companies grow.

The other character behind the growth of Pointools was Faraz Ravi, co-founder and CEO for almost 10 years after the purchase became the Director of products within Bentley Systems.

While Bentley did not continue with Joe Croser Bentley, intuition tells us that he continued to recognize his ability. He accepted the alliance to work together for Bentley to integrate the Vortex API and eventually purchased the full product including the company. This is called recognizing that a talent is beyond our reach but not its product.

In the case of Faraz Ravi, just a few days ago he has been integrated as Chairman of the International Committee of 3D Image Systems known as ASTM, where standards are produced for this subject. Placing that piece in that place will make most of the interoperability efforts that were achieved with Pointools adopted in the standards of this line that certainly has an irreversible potential and a gradual integration with remote sensing.


3DTextureforBuildingsSo with the Select Series 3 we now have a Descartes that beyond raster data processing integrates the creation, editing, theming and modeling of point clouds.

  • With the work logic of Microstation. For example you can select two point axes, using a fence that filters the obstacles, then warp a surface of an 3D face of an object, and then stretch if necessary to extend to a part of the existing face that It has an irregular shape. Then make a right button to turn it into a reusable texture.
  • With the efficiency of the V8i platform that allows rendering data management with enough efficiency for a long time, reason that has led to high fidelity in large companies in engineering and architecture where Bentley is quite well positioned.
  • With the incorporation of the functionalities of Pointools that will stop being called thus to be the steroids of Descartes.

We will see how they manage to position themselves beyond the developed countries where the modeling of intelligent cities is a wave of interest, but which in our countries is slowed down by priority in more basic issues of the geospatial field and where many efforts are lost for our weak Administrative careers and little vision of the officials in decisive positions.

Learn more about Bentley Descartes.

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