PC Magazine, moving me to the digital version

The English version of this magazine had already made its retirement in good weather, and although it was announced by the Spanish version, the supermarket shelves continued to show copies. Finally, after a couple of months of questioning I have come to accept that Televisa has finally stopped production in printed format and I feel that digitally we will only see Jambitz for a while.

PC Magazine

So I have no choice but to take the Ipad out of my sleeve, download the free version of Zinio and look for the magazine there. It's funny, but I have not been able to find the Spanish version, maybe it's there but because the search process in the store was slow, I ended up accepting the subscription that the English version has.


Well, in price, I paid about US $ 5 per copy, in 12 months I almost spent the 60 dollars. The digital subscription is worth only US $ 18 per year, with the option to purchase via Paypal. So in matters of money, I have barely had to pay the 30%.

Another advantage is hyperlinks within the content towards computer websites or revised programs. With a click you can go to the site without losing the option to return to the page because the navigation does not go to Safari but picks up an internal Zinio browser.

It is a rest for the eyes to approach the taste, to be able to read without straining the eyes.

The collection option now is much easier, because the stack of copies that I had been saving since 95 year were already causing a bad mood for my house.

For reasons of distance, Zif Davis produced the copy and in the United States was the same week of release. But this one arrived in Latin America three weeks later and the Spanish version was waiting until the last gossip of TVyNovelas and others that the local distributor brings from Mexico were completed; to the extent that when they were read many topics were outdated or had been known through the Internet.


Well, the experience is not the same. There is always that vacuum that causes not having the copy in hand, scratch with conventional pencil, romances that I suppose will die over time.

Tempting to be in the Zinio showcase, with magazines like National Geographic, Popular Mechanics and PC World that sooner or later can move me to buy a subscription.

A pity, because my children will not have from where to make cuts for their manual works. Although for me it is an advantage because the precious collection ended up as Helvetia cheese after its multiple albums; first my son, who instead of cutting, started with almost his teeth, then my daughter with fine scissors or stiletto damaging more than one sheet and even the nanny who also attends the baccalaureate in the excuse that comes out cheaper than the color prints.


That's how the changing life is, it never ceases to amaze me how these models are changing so radically. Little I have needed the Spanish personal accent, because the opinions (very good by the way) of Dvorak, Costa and others were almost literal translations; after Nadia Molina I left after Carlos Mendoza, Little remained of the human touch that conveys an editorial on the third page that the last editor eliminated.

For its part, the issue of this month brings as a main theme the review of 50 indispensable applications for Ipad in categories of work, games, social networks, business, communications, entertainment, news and creativity.

From what I see, the magazine in time will have to revise its name, because every day it is immersed more in the review of Apple products. On this occasion there is a great article that presents all the aspects that should be considered to migrate from PC to Mac.

It also draws attention to the revision of the HP Pavilion dm1z, a netbook that leaves very little to be desired. I recommend checking it out.

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