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He has been nominated in the Mashable award, in the Social Media category as one of the services for social networks with more growth. Its practicality seems very simple, basically responding to the premise:

If I could have a digital newspaper of the most important that I follow ... why not share it with others?

This way anyone can create their own digital diary, you do not even need to create an account, you can use an existing Twitter or Facebook. Then inside we chose options to create our tabloid from what we follow in rss, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ among other options. What the service does is to generate an automated newspaper in days at our convenience: two per day, one daily or weekly; prioritizing between what we have read more, which we have made a favorite or that has a greater tendency for shared content. Once generated can be edited, sending to the header topics of our priority or deleting articles at our discretion.

Viral strategy is enviable, especially with Twitter where you can choose the option to automatically publish when it is generated, also creates notifications to the accounts that have been mentioned and to the subscribers an email arrives with a summary of the most important.

For sample Chile on Twitter, generated from the themes that Jesus Grande continues to relate to this theme. I heard it from a friend who reads it every day, he said it is much better than what some local newspapers in Chile and Argentina offer ... and it is hardly generated by Twitter.

paperli geofumadas

Definitely, is a service that has a lot of future. Your business model is not yet fully reflected, for now the advertising served is your property although it allows us to add our own code in a small space; but we believe it will evolve to deferred services with added value of newsletter and more own spaces.

I've been using it for a week, and it definitely seems to me the best in social networking services. A good way to be aware of things that happen in our topics of interest, especially because the novelty becomes obsolete as fast as so many accounts to follow; so do not connect three days is to let the water take them. comes to solve some of that, because the generated newspapers are stored and can be consulted any day, also because it incorporates different sources inside a tabloid of no more than 25 articles by tiraje.

For now, I recommend 5 diaries that I read that are worth following:

#Lidar Daily. by Steve Snow, with a general focus on geospatial issues but where remote sensor-based issues and cloud point processing are not lacking.

paperli geofumadas

Journal ClickGeo, by Anderson Madeiros. Much geospatial content, with priority in Open Source and geomarketing.

paperli geofumadas

The Location Based Daily, by Gregg Morris. With content focused on the latest developments and geolocation applications.

paperli geofumadas

Directions Magazine Weekly. This is a weekly tabloid, with highly chosen content of the most outstanding of this magazine.

paperli geofumadas [4]

I tend to be averse to technological fashions, especially those related to social networks; the year 2011 has been marked by the decision to integrate Geofumadas with social networks; in 11 months the account Twitter almost reaches the 1,000 and the Facebook page almost to the 10,000. A few months ago I tried this service and I waited to see what happened, finally I decided to enter it and place it among my favorite means of tracking.

paperli geofumadas

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  1. I want to know explicitly, what is the payment method and what is the amount?
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  2. Excellent article, I find it very didactic.
    Thank you for your contribution, cordially,
    Hernán Orlando Barrios Montes.

  3. Another service that allows you to create an average ICT newspaper is Indicate the ICT topics that interest you and automatically generate your newspaper

  4. I would like to have a website where I may also have the right to place advertising and charge for it ...

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