Official launch of eGeomate!

With great satisfaction Geofumadas officially launches the beta version of eGeomate for the public speaking NO HISPANA.logo (1)

In essence, it is an English-translated version of Geofumadas, plus its own content that will be added not simultaneously. The CMS template is similar, change the name that is based on some terms that you have already known in time:

  • The pseudonym g! That was born with Geofumadas, to summarize many things and the complicity of something of anonymity.
  • Then the combination between what the content implies with geospatial emphasis and the word that implies a solution in the strategic game.
  • Hence the indigo of painted cheeks of Geofumadas with a cloud in the back happens to be a pair of pieces of chess.

We'll see if time changes this initial design, as it happened with Geofumadas, but for now it's what we have and as Google says: For that is Beta version.

Why eGeomate?

For almost 4 years Geofumadas has formed a learning community of users who interact between doubts and nested responses at the rate of an average of 20 monthly entries. We have achieved a significant position in the Spanish-speaking public, complementing other spaces in the community among which stand out classics that will never cease to have their place and some new ones that surprise us with the originality of content and subject discipline.

Almost six months ago we left the original subdomain and began to venture into social networks gradually. For now in Twitter already outnumbered 500 followers, while Facebook up 100 fans. Undoubtedly in four years many things are learned and for some time I announced the intention of launching Geofumadas to the users in English translated version.

The experience of having tried translation based on online services as Google Translator, In practice solves however the best results are usually when translating from English to other languages; Added to this Geofumadas contains a particularized language, full of contextual words that are still confused in the Spanish-speaking public.

So the best way we found was to make a particularized translation, which is expected that the Anglo-Saxons can understand the original message of the post. For this, Nancy Godoy Cordero, from Peru has done a great job, trying to understand the mixture between the technological smokes, the mood of the writer and what the final reader could expect.

We admit, it has not been so simple, many emails confirm that although we all believe we understand each other in Spanish, the contextual jargon is slightly distorted within a UTM zone, but it perverts beyond the 6 degrees of longitude and 4 of latitude. So, to avoid complexity, we ended up explaining some terms at the foot of the post and in many cases left "as is", with the clarification of a slight variant ccs that will end up understanding users as "Said so in geofumadas, interpret what possibly means".

What audience is going Get well

This content is aimed at users beyond the Latin context, which in the case of Geofumadas have represented close to 4%. It is understandable that the themes are still resources for users of CAD / GIS technologies, plus the aggregates of the tropical cycle and some fashions of the web. Basically we do nothing but export experiences from our Hispanic context, to a more global environment but that has very similar questions:

How do I do shape files in AutoCAD?

How under the Google Earth images?

How do I use CAD / GIS software that costs me less money?

How are level curves made in Civil 3D?

What will AutoCAD 2013 bring back?

We are aware that outside there are other technological alternatives and even other extreme points of view to those on the side that a page can not do without the letter ñ. But we hope that the result of what we have learned in more than 1,000 post for four years can be useful for a more global market.

Egeomate statistics internetThe graph shows the comparison between the users of eGeomate (top) and Geofumadas (bottom) during the last month. Possibly the trend changes, but for now you can see that the countries where most visits are reaching Get well They are:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Philippines
  • Australia
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Malaysia

Spain does not fail to call attention as a great multicultural market, although this only represents the 59% of visits, whereas in the case of Geofumadas the 87% comes from those 10 countries of which I spoke in a recent entry. The expectation is more than exciting, at the beginning I was surprised by a wave of visits for the Manifold GIS issue, which seems to have been able to position itself in northern areas of the United States and Canada; in the rest they excel Civil3D, GPS and Total Stations that seem the subjects that will explode Get well.

Whats Next

In principle, continue with the translation of contents, by now there is an 45% of the total already uploaded, in tune the Beta statement because many internal links must be aligned and some of the efforts to translate went in the best intention.

But finally, we launched it to start the work of SEO, A matter that InforSEO does in full. The other eGeomate disintegrated products will be mentioned as they mature.

We also launched the eGeomate Beta to give us time to think about creative ways to celebrate with users the fourth year of Geofumadas during the next month of June.

... I have ideas ... and I accept suggestions.

Go to eGeomate!

4 Replies to "Official launch of eGeomate!"

  1. I am happy to see how you are growing and generating more and more quality content for us, your users. Congratulations!

  2. Hi Nancy, good to see you around here.

    Thanks for the comments, I have adjusted them.

  3. Hello Don G !:
    First, a very warm congratulations on the official launch of Gmate !. The truth is that, coincidentally, I was wondering yesterday, WHEN I could see translated posts (the effort made) hanging because because you understand I feel a little part of the creature, ...

    And it is my greatest desire that this auspicious beginning be sustained and fruitful in time. Good vibes, my friend!

    Finally 2 annotations:

    1) My official name is NANCY GODOY LAMB porfa, correct this
    2) The last line 'Go to Geomate!' Is it a link? Because it is not linked ...

    Greetings from Peru

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