Of blows of state and other gajes

After the report of the Truth Commission came out, we have been able to read in detail the testimonies of those who were on one side or the other in what was the democratic crisis in Honduras in the last two years.

The report does not say many things that we did not know, the big conclusion is that everyone is guilty of something that is already amnestied. But it does not stop being productive to read the testimonies of the people who appear there, and who clears us Dudas Who was in the process, as well as how the media conceal information when it suits them and the they interpret according to the wheel of his mill. The report has also called what is a coup a blow and has defined existing weaknesses in the institutional framework and legislation ... we will see what is done with this.

After two years of malaise, in which all suffer in one way or another the intolerances of a few, it remains to be seen if the productive result is really favorable in a pinch. However, the damage to bipartisanship that can be caused by the formation of new political forces is, in my opinion, the best result. Now we need to see how these movements begin to counterbalance, purify themselves and formalize their intentions in solid proposals towards the fight against corruption, political clientelism and economic development.

Coup d'etat1 Talk to a friend who lost his job because of direct of the coup, because the transnational for which he worked took off as part of his policies of not investing in a politically unstable country, and to say that there is profit from this has almost cost me friendship. Especially because of that already two years ago, time that has invested in looking for a new job with the same effort as if that were one.

These are things that happen in a particular way on both sides. The optics of those who take refuge behind our occupations can be cold, and should not, because passivity is usually a way of life due to the excess of neutrality. Anyway, you have to find spaces for participation, because nobody would want that after going through everything everything will be the same again.

I hope and come for good, with the necessary convulsions, but without the extremes that forced me to migrate one day, and that I would do for the same reason ... the family. Enfrascarse in the struggle and concern for that issue is an attitude to take care strategically; we must not lose sight of the context, we must not fail to enjoy the satisfying things that our family relationships cause due to issues that are the result of years of malpractice and that will not change overnight.

One must be optimistic, but not blind; recalling that in these countries, the people can fight against sticks in the streets In parades, parades and demonstrations that bring family divisions sometimes irreconcilable ... can even go to the mountain taking up arms and in the end, up four agree and arrange everything with a public hug.

So ...

2 coup d'etat

I've taken the afternoon to go to the park, enjoy Air1 from the ipad, take several pictures of my creatures in the maneuvers of their bikes and ropes in the tree. It seems yesterday that I taught them to give their first pedals.

Then I turned off the tablet, put my cell phone in the car, and lay down on the grass to see figures in the clouds with the same innocence that I did 30 years ago ... although now there are more Marvel and Capcom figures than zoo animals. That and the touches to the soul of the girl that lights my eyes, definitely does not know of coups.

With this article I close the subject of the coup, of which I spoke a, otraand more than another time.

If I open it again, it will be because there is another blow ... which could be in a couple of months for what Colonel Buendía says in his Lucidity moments.

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