What's New in MobileMapper Field and MobileMapper Office

In June of 2011 were released the new versions of the software used in the equipment of Ashtech, so in the purchase of new equipment these versions will probably not come installed. I take this article to indicate where they can be downloaded, as well as the most innovative features of this update:

MobileMapper100_handheld-WIn the case of MobileMapper Field, the 2.03 version has been released. This is the one used in GPS MobileMapper 6, MobileMapper 10 and MobileMapper 100, all on Windows Mobile.

Among the new features mentioned:

  • Support for MobileMapper 10, Of the most outstanding considering that this will give greater potential to this toy.
  • Option to visualize in the screen altitude and tolerance (HRMS and VRMS) that already days lacked in these equipments.
  • Option to repeat attributes, very practical in the case of plots or buildings that have similar characteristics, such as a store where the use, class, quality may be the same.
  • Mandatory attributes. When creating a layer, you can establish which attributes are required, not allowing the passage to the next field as long as this data is not filled.
  • Job templates. These are templates, which can store common fields, which should not be assigned each time a job is to be started; interesting, I could.
  • The name of the Job is now seen on the main screen, so it is easy to avoid confusion or be leaving to see what work is in use.
  • Support to display Open Street Map as background map layer, with Internet connection.
  • 4D shape file support
  • Indicator on the display when SBAS mode is activated
  • Support for the ESRI AXF format, Although this version does not support (for updating) date / time field.
  • Now, access with NMEA protocol is no longer stopped via the COM2 port when it exits. It happened to me, since I had to configure it in this way with GvSIG Mobile, Which caused the GNSS signal configured with the MobileMapper Field or ArcPad to be lost.
  • ITRF coordinate tranfraction option in SBAS mode
  • Direction change indicator in Go To mode, MobileMapper Field
  • Among the bugs, a problem was fixed in the DBF header with a multi-byte field

In case of MobileMapper Office, have launched the 2.1 version, this is the desktop software used to create background maps, data download and post-processing of data. For Windows XP systems ActiveSync is required, in Windows 7 it is no longer necessary.

This update mentions the following changes:

  • Multiple files can be loaded at the same time, no longer one by one
  • New command to update shape files
  • Support for 4D Shape File and Type M feature
  • Import ATOM RNX database data
  • Now you can post post processed data with a MobileMapper 10
  • New functionality to update commonly used folders in the transfer of data between the device and the PC
  • Support for handling version updates, without having to reinstall from scratch
  • Chinese coordinate systems have been updated and a couple of bugs in Japanese attributes

Main WindowOffice

Here you can download:

MobileMapper Field 2.03, for MobileMapper 100, in Spanish

MobileMapper Field 2.0 (2.03), for MobileMapper 10, in Spanish

MobileMapper Office for MobileMapper 6, MobileMapper 100, MobileMapper 10

The MobileMapper Office update seems to be somewhat more tedious, so it would not hurt to uninstall.

In the case of MobileMapper Field, the new cab does all the work, including postprocessing activation code recognition or GLONASS. Although you have to be careful in the MobileMapper 6, where apparently it has not been tested.

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  1. We have um mobile mapper 100. How to download raw data for or Windows Vista PC?
    A estação não connects with a computer

  2. I do not have the activation code of MOBILEMAPPE6.0 this was acquired by my university but now they can not find the cd

  3. I have a mobile mapper 6 but the activation codes of the mobile mapper faithfuls were lost in how I could recover the codes or buy some new thanks or another program that would serve to use the equipment, thanks

  4. a magellan cx gps with windows CE; the question is can you install MobileMapper Field

  5. Thank you for your indications of the team, I ask the favor where I can get a driving course for this team

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