My last trip in 7 photos

Nothing to do with the clear streets of two weeks ago. But in spite of the juggling that must be done so as not to end up on a precipice, to take a car that comes against it or to find a semi-truck in the middle of the road ...

Get to this place, sit on the lookout and feel the peace that transmits the sun while caressing the silhouette of the Pasaquina volcano ... worth the risk. The area is depressed in terms of living conditions, the best hotel costs US $ 6 the night, humble, warm and humble. Forgotten by the politicians of office, nobles of nature, with cultural values ​​that do not appear in the Social Studies books, special just for being there.

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The rest of the trip is summarized in the churches, of all colors and flavors. travel center americaI remember 500 years ago, when the indigenous tradition of the guancascos between peoples was changed by the pilgrimages and meetings of patron saints ... who knows how he already knows what.

It's hard to get there today, with a double-traction car and ballasted streets. Let's not say how it would be to bring stone, lime, sand and labor in times when importing a beast from the peninsula was equivalent to bringing a BMW.

An architect designed each model, from a cabinet, a master builder was exported to the site, the rest was locally almost free.

That part of the story was lost, and what was agreed upon by the chronicler was written or erased.

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Yes ... the rest is summarized in the churches. They bring something pessimistic nostalgia, in the writing, but not in real life. It is good to meet here with acquaintances, people who abandon their comfort to make us look good, technicians of the best that I have harvested in recent years.

At dusk, when the cold cools again, it is satisfying to sit in a corridor with a good cup of coffee, laugh at life and remember that away from Tweeter, the world is on its way.

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Go home, lie on the floor of the room and the kids will throw us over ... makes up for any tiredness and fills us with life ... again.

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  1. Santa Cruz, Piraera, La Campa, San Manuel Colohete and San Sebastián. All municipalities of the Department of Lempira. In Honduras.

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