Microstation: the view does not have the scroll

view microstation fit zoomI just spoke to a technician, those who only call when you have to cut your veins and I have this problem:

I have the view, but note that you do not have the controls on the bottom zoom, the mountain of the fit viewNor scroll bars inferior or lateral.

I told him to give me 5 minutes so he does not spend on the call, although I honestly did it so I would not be embarrassed. It is that this doing reports can bring technical amnesia to anyone.

0 Solution: the window is not minimized. In Microstation the windows can move freely and it could be that the lower part is hidden. The output is to maximize the view.

1 Solution: The option is inactive in the Workspace

view microstation fit zoomTo do this, select:

Workspace, preferencess
-In View options, activate the check box which indicates "scroll bars on View Window".
-Then press "ok"

2 Solution: The option is empty

If still solving the above is the scroll bar but not the view control buttons, then it is empty. For this you have to do:

Workspace, customize
-Then select the "view border"
-Copy from the left window to the right the controls you want.
-Press the button "save"

view microstation fit zoom

3 Solution: It is not the only way

Well, if that does not solve, then it's a de-spit that could be as simple as a type which I do not remember now, or a super virus that came with the power cube of the transformers.

view microstation fit zoom A temporary output could be the view control toolbar, for this:

Tools, view control
-It appears a bar that can be placed to taste in any margin or leave it floating.

The click.

By the way I take the opportunity to recommend (from the 2 solution) the tool "copy view", It allows you to copy the properties of a view to another. For example, you want to raise a new view, with the extent of an existing one. Very practical, even respects the "view attributes"That I might have.

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