Microstation: Assign commands to the keyboard

There are times when we need to go to a command very often, and when that command is not a click there is the possibility of assigning it to a button on the keyboard.

My technicians usually do this with macros guards or some keyin commands, which in Microstation is not as easy as AutoCAD, where the text commands are in the foreground. Among these, some common commands:

Xy = used to enter coordinates

dialog cleanup to lift the topological cleaning panel

Fence file to export to a separate file the contents of a fence,

dialog anotate to make annotations from the database to the map

dialog fmanager history to access the features that have been used without having to go to the feature manager.

How to do it

-Workspace> Function Keys. Here a panel is raised where we choose the function button, with the possible combination of ctrl, Alt or shift, so that we can have up to 96 possible combinations between the 12 function keys.

function keys microstation

An example

To give an example, if I want to assign the zero offset command on the F1 button, the procedure would be:

-Workspace> Function Keys

-Selected Key F1

-Press the edit button

- We unload the command dl = 0

-Ok, and we keep.

How to apply

Let's see then, how to apply it. I want to copy to my drawing a series of properties that I have reference in my file.

-Select the objects to be copied

-Apply the copy command

-We click on the screen

-Press the F1 button

- And ready, with this we copied data without having to choose a point with the snap, and go back to it, it would be tedious if we are doing this with a lot of data.

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