MapEnvelope and the London Eye

MapEnvelope is an interesting and simple puff of a guy with a great taste for creativity.

If you ever wanted to surprise by saying where you are in a different style, MapEnvelope as its name says, generates an envelope with the printed map.

Map envelope

You only need to enter the location, for example:

London eye london uk

And a Google Maps view is automatically shown at that location, right on the London Eye. Then you can place a personalized message:

Losing a flight in London has compensation if you ride the London Eye.

Finally the Preview button, to view and print the sheet.

Map envelope

Then, it is only cut by the edge and bend in the dotted lines as shown in the image taken from the web.

Map outline


About the London Eye


Map envelope

The London Eye or Millennium Wheel is that gigantic rotating ring, which is on the River Thames in London. Getting there is not complicated, from London Heathrow airport you only have to pay one day for an underground train (14 pounds), take it at the 5 terminal, make a change from blue to gray line and get off at Westminster. Round trip can take less than two hours.

Enter costs 15 Pounds, including a previous three-dimensional show and photo for the souvenir if you want to pay the extra 10 Pounds.

The wheel does not stop, unless people with disabilities are going to enter. While it is rotating down, it gives time for people to come down from the bubble, enter some guys with security sensors and also enter the new 15 people. The full turn takes about 35 minutes.

Impressive, maybe others enjoy the view, and the photos. On this side we enjoy the ingenuity of hanging a radial bicycle wheel that weighs 1,700 tons to 135 meters high.

Map envelope

More from London Eye.

Try MapEnvelope.

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