Stay inspired! Letter to my collaborators

Today is a particular day, the new challenges make you have to take a better chance. In a week I will no longer be your immediate boss and one of you will happen to me so that things do not stop and also to acquire the freshness that the changes demand. While I'll be around, I'm sure I'll have less time to see them in territory as often as I used to.

Cadastral teamSo, not to do it when they are no longer my direct collaborators, I take advantage of the youth of the night to write a few lines that I believe in tablets before I have released. Aware that some will read it late, also understood that some might not be alluded to by my stubborn anonymity.

First, thank them for being responsible for a good amount of my successes. To pay attention to sometimes crazy ideas, sometimes illusory ideas, others as common as the obvious common sense. Also thank them for not listening to me when they have considered that my initiatives could be refuted, for having innovated against my will only for the security of knowing what they were doing with greater property.

As others have said, rarely in these development processes are so many results obtained with so little recourse. That shows the talent it represents a team that was born from more than 300 technicians contracted temporarily for less than 150 dollars per month, from where 32 initially came, then only 16 and to the extent that the transfer of sustainability demands came to be only 8. Polishing them was not my responsibility, I just had the idea, the rest of them reached their persistence, discipline and the charisma of three mentors who were part of their character, human warmth and technical knowledge. I admit it, some people already brought a lot of this and there was no shortage who was not allowed on the road or was difficult to continue. Thanks to the guys for not leaving pregnant women on the way, the girls for not leaving many hearts broken in the municipalities.

it's totalI am honored to see the potential I once saw in his eyes now become tools with which to do things bigger than ours, especially with less pain. Now they know what their mentors would not repeat, but also everything they would replicate to the tired because it is a guarantee of success, whether or not there are latest technologies.

Although not everything has been easy, we agree that the knowledge and experience gained is invaluable. We have to exploit it because there are very few shortcuts to achieve it more than the natural time of trial and error and the timing of the opportunity that often does not recur in the same way.

So my final messages, not only to the last 8 but to all those who went through this process but by chance find this text:

Do your best not to lose your inspiration in what you do.

Like the first time they had a cadastral sheet in their hand, smelling of printing ink still. Like when they saw that the compass moved the numbers upside down, like when they touched the GPS and they realized that it was not an MP3, when they made their first course in AutoCAD and a good topological cleaning in Microstation Geographics. Just as the day they met for the first time a group of new students, a strong mayor, an AK47 in the jungle of those who opposed the cadastre. Print that passion in everything you do, with the rudeness of leveling the tripod of the total station, with the delicacy of grabbing the connection cable -the one that did not hurt, of course-.

Do not stop aspiring to be a little bigger than it is who instructs them. Cadastral team

Know how to value who inspires you, praise the abilities of others to be great. Be passionate about learning something new every day, even those simple things that bring good results in this life; like the spelling, the writing, the good calligraphy, the order, the familiar closeness, the reading, the good coffee. Above all, good humor in UTM format, authentic as we do in the 16 North Zone.

Suffers enough to strive to meet the requirements that this life requires.

Know how to value what you have at home, children only grow once.

Stress and time pressure are no excuse to stop making a call. A pat on the boss will never return a lost laugh on a movie night with the family ... even if we fall asleep in the middle of the movie. Feed the spirit, tell people how much they are worth, if it is necessary to use the cheesy, do it because the day of his death will be what you will remember.

Inspire yourself, aspire, value.

And if one day we meet in a cafe, it will be good to laugh at this life that goes very fast. The coffee will always know good, to concerted values ​​in New Frontier, with Maria helping to serve the food.

With love. Don G!

3 Replies to "Stay inspired! Letter to my collaborators "

  1. The last sheet of a journal ... a new facet with a bigger agenda ... let's partner you have demonstrated ... God + wisdom + humility = only successes

  2. Undoubtedly, this impiration to continue learning and doing better is one of my main goals, which I thank the pfm and its team of work equal to colleagues who in one way or another learn a lot.
    thank you gift G!

  3. Good, thanks for evaluating our efforts during these 5 years that we have tried to strengthen the cadastres, I hope we continue with the same vision ...

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