DIELMO 3D SL has extensive research experience in data processing LiDAR, has carried out numerous projects as a provider and producer of LiDAR data in Spain, and also since 2003 is developing its own software for the processing of LiDAR data that provides substantial improvements that do not allow Commercial software.

World In Our Hands The main advantage provided by DIELMO is that by working with our own software, we control all the necessary steps for the treatment of information in an automated way, from the tools of quality control and generation of final products, to those of format conversion, mosaic , Etc., with the ability to adjust them according to the needs of the client. On the other hand, we are continuously developing new functionalities and we have an R & D department exclusively dedicated to developing developments oriented to the treatment of LiDAR data, and that will allow us to solve in a suitable way the problems that may arise in the generation of the different Products requested in any type of project.

In this way, over the years and thanks to the contributions of our customers, DIELMO has developed an exclusive methodology aimed at obtaining the most suitable LiDAR products in each case. For this reason we are sure that we provide the best technical solution and the most experience to carry out any type of project related to LiDAR data.

Our technological lines are:

Dielmo Server Technology

LiDAR, orthophotos and MDT data servers over the internet / intranet worldwide.

Dielmo 3D Viewer

3D virtual environments built to order based on free NASA World Wind software.


Free software for LiDAR data quality management and control.


Own internal software for the processing of LiDAR data adaptable to your needs.


On the other hand, we are working in R + D + i together with experts in different sectors such as hydraulics, forestry, cartography, telecommunications, civil engineering, environment, etc. to obtain new final products that fit your needs based on file LiDAR data whose cost is much lower and allow the use of LiDAR data for applications that were economically unviable a few years ago.

DIELMO is the only Spanish company actively present in the main events related to LiDAR technology worldwide (ILMF and ELMF), attending as an exhibitor at trade fairs and speaker at scientific congresses. The manager of DIELMO, José Carlos García, is also part of the scientific committee of the ELMF (European LiDAR Mapping Forum) from 2010.

As a result of our internationalization strategy, DIELMO currently has commercial distributors of our products and services in Chile, Japan, the USA, Oceania ...

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