Karmacracy, one of the best complements for blogs and social networks

Those who have a blog, a Facebook page or a Twitter account may have asked these questions:

How many visits come from one of my Tweets?

How many visitors arrive the first hour after I post a link on my Facebook page?

How to program a tweet just today to 10: 35 in the morning?

What country do I visit when posting a Linkedin link?

How to send a one-time notice to multiple Tweeter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts at the same time?

Just for these questions there is Karmacracy, an initiative of Hispanic entrepreneurs that aspires that we not only have activity in social networks, but also have fun.


At first it did not seem so interesting if I was only working on something that pressured to maintain an influence based on karma, but in my case solved some of my expectations such as:

Hours of greatest impact

Usually I write my articles to the 11 of the night, time at which my productive capacity is more efficient in terms of inventing without more distractions than the TV in background and soft Andean music in the mobile. But if I notice that the article has been published, the impact I will have will be less because the users of America are sleeping and will see the warning in the morning along with others who arrived after mine. Whereas if I publish it to the 10 of the morning of the next day; schedule in which the followers of this side of the pond are in their offices taking a good coffee and those in Spain thinking that to do the rest of the life that still begins, they will see the announcement immediately and if it is worth it, they will surely go to the site.

geophysical karmacracy

So Karmacracy allows me to send a notice in an hour that I have tested I will have more visits immediately.

Multiple accounts at the same time and at scheduled times

Sometimes I find news so interesting that I can notify them on Twitter, but also on the Facebook account and the Linkedin account. They imagine having to enter each account to post it. So I can from the mobile decide to share it immediately (or deferred) in several accounts to my selection, simultaneously.

Now, if I find several interesting news, it is not wise to announce them together or with too tight a time gap. In my case, when an account saturates me with 5 posts in less than an hour, I will end up leaving it to continue, not because it is not interesting anymore, but because it becomes too annoying. With Karmacracy I can decide that those three articles that I found will be posted at different times, for example one to the 10 am, the other to the 12: 07, the next to the 14: 35 ... in short, you can even program an article for in two months, like a Christmas greeting, or the day of the innocents.

Also Karmacracy has allowed me to leave my account active even though my trips inland leave me out of connection, and also to avoid entering from my work schedule.

Over time…

There are more things that come later, such as the reward system (nuts) in which it grows as long as activity is maintained naturally. From the most interesting to the most absurd.

You can know how many visits we have sent to a specific domain and that other users have also done so.

Position keywords, based on what we post the most. In my case I have in priority the words topography, gis, utm, geomatica, mundogeo in recent dates.

As an example, see this notice I sent about the GIS Lounge article, in total it received 79 clicks, although almost the total in the immediate minutes. The 60% came from Twitter, the 33% from Facebook, and as you can see, the content on social networks is like the news in the printed newspaper ... they have an immediate impact but then they fall into the abyss of what is no longer new . You can see that the largest number of visits came from Spain and the United States, despite the fact that it was posted to the 18: 42 Mexico time.

The detail can be had by country to know the impact of each one of the accounts that we have and the same one can know of accounts of others based on what they post.

In conclusion

Karmacracy seems to us one of the most interesting ventures coming from the Spanish-speaking world, beyond a simple link shortener its potential to keep alive social network accounts is really effective. One day I asked them what their business model was like, since the sad thing would be that one day it would cease to exist and the shortened links would be broken, and they told me a bit about the idea of ​​promoting sponsored links. I saw it far away, but once they released cADs I was convinced that the guys are pretty clear about their ideas. To be honest, the time has led me to little taste for sponsored links, but their filter criteria is interesting because only the option comes to accounts that have positioned the specific words, so that it does not get out of the subject.

In short, one of the best complements for those who have an activity in social networks.

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