Install WordPress before the 5 minutes

Dream weaver ftp WordPress is a platform on which are mounted a large number of blogs, generally those who after being with free providers - such as Blogger - want to have better control of their space.

It is said that its installation is 5 minutes, although understanding it takes a couple of hours the first time. It happens that every time I do it again I forget a step, so I feel that I write this to resort to myself when I need it, as with a good number of entries in this blog. Now the simplicity of online administration has evolved, among them the search of files, installation of plugins, templates and update of a new version. Although I prefer to continue controlling the data from a local FTP manager, such as DreamWeaver and writing offline with Live Writter.

Let's see in this case the previous steps to the famous 5 minutes:

1 Preliminary matters: To use WordPress, it is required to have a domain and payment hosting, although to understand its operation it is appropriate to first set up a blog about, which is free although under subdomain. In this case I will show the case of, mounted on Cpanel and managed from DreamWeaver.

2 Download WordPress. Without much return, You have to download it from the page, there is always a final version there. Then, the folder that downloads us in .zip format must be decompressed.

Dream weaver ftp

3. Configure FTP. For this, we are going to use DreamWeaver, before Macromedia, now Adobe.

Install wordpress First, let's create an FTP connection with my Cpanel account, where I have paid the hosting. The user and password of this case are invented, but these should have been given by your hosting provider.

From DreamWeaver, we select Site> Manage sites. Then we indicate that we will create a new site.

From the panel, in advanced option we are interested in the category Local Info.

We indicate the name, in this case Geofumadas

And the local directory, which may be in this case "My Documents / webgeofumadas"

Then in the remote management category we select:

type: FTP

Name of the lodging:

Cpanel user: geo

Cpanel Password: Fumadas21

If the button test tanks We respond well, we are on track, otherwise, it may be a firewall problem or we have bad user data and password.

Dream weaver ftpOnce finished, we select OK, then Done.

4. Upload WordPress.

If the connection is good, pressing the remote connection button will allow us to see the space we are paying with all its guts outside.

You should download the folder public_html, With the button Get files, then we see this directory on the local disk, and there we place all the folders and files of the WordPress tablet that we download. (Not the folder), but its content.

To upload them, we return to DreamWeaver, where we can already see them, select all these files and upload them with the green button Put files.

You have to have patience, because there are many files, and more than one can take depending on the type of connection that we have.

5 Verify that everything went up.

Dream weaver ftp It usually happens, that later there are problems when installing, because a file was not copied, so the appropriate thing is to verify that everything went up completely.

To do this, select the folder public_html, We right click and select the option synchronize.

With this, the system will search if there are files that are not up, and in the end we ask for the option to update or the wonderful message that there is nothing to synchronize. Do not do this with an FTP manager can be complicated to know if everything is in order, although it is clear that from Cpanel can be done as compressed and up there decompress it.

The following ... are the famous 5 minutes. We'll see it in another post.

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