I want to put a cartography blog, who do I write for?

When you start a blog, there are many questions on the desktop, especially not to fail; one of them is who to write for.

There are different positions, these are some:

1 Write for the acquaintances.

image This is valid for those who want to put a personal blog, where to tell the episodes of his life, studies or trips. The biggest disadvantage is that the visits will always be few unless you reach certain fame (either because your blog reaches many years, you become a movie actor or you throw yourself into politics :))

2 Write for search engines

image This is a tactic widely used by those who seek only to monetize their blogs, but their contents tend to revolve only on the topics at the moment. They do not create their own content, rather they plagiarize sections of other blogs or link to half the world without having anything of their own. The biggest disadvantage, do not win faithful readers and sooner or later they enter into practices that Google penalizes.

3 Write for a thematic segment.

imageThis is a strategy that is based on the search of a niche little exploited but with potential, or even if it is exploited has enough loose thematic there. To achieve this, we generally need to know statistics on Internet users, users of IT tools on that topic, web applications oriented to that sector and aspects that give us an idea of ​​how far we can grow if we can find readers.

Aspects to consider when choosing a thematic segment:

Language. Although the English language is the best alternative to write, because of the number of users that can be reached worldwide, the competition is hard and clear ... dominate must be English. The Spanish, it does not stop being a viable alternative, it is considered the second most consulted language in Google.

Users of that theme. Few people would dare to create a blog where they want to talk about a program to solve

Competitive Blogs. If a topic is saturated with blogs, with antiquity it will be necessary to think about offering something different or simply it will not be possible to grow.

Ability to master the subject. It is not possible to have a blog about a topic that you do not have total control, sooner or later the readers will catch you. So if the topic is broad, it is better to be an expert in AutoCAD than to get into issues of spatial models that you can not master properly.

Capacity to respond to demand. If the blog finds a place, you will have readers who will make comments every day and will see your answers. What to say about how often you expect to see updates, so that so many readers want to have is directly proportional to how much time you invest in writing and living with those who visit you.

2 Replies to "I want to put a cartography blog, for whom to write?"

  1. Ok July. Before blogs were simple personal blogs, little by little they have come to form learning communities with greater contribution.

  2. As long as the blog is for the usefulness of many it will be a successful blog but if it is a blog just to tell the private life of x people it will be boring and the audience will be scarce, blogs should be useful, my opinion very individual .

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