Placing a video in Google Earth

I get a question, in which someone wants to upload a video to Google Earth, I understand that it looks to indicate routes and adhere to a video. Let's see something that can be done and what our Mexican friends could apply, it's very similar to what Put a picture.

Embed a video from Youtube

Assuming that I want to indicate in the story "Out of sight", If the place he refers to, in Montelimar, Nicaragua; Says that in La Casona was the song by Alex Ubago called "Screams of Hope".

We go to Youtube, choose the video and then select the code to insert and make copy.

Upload a video to google earth

Then in Google Earth, we place a placemark, right mouse button and select "properties".

In the description we place the YouTube code with embedded video and we do "accept".

Upload a video to google earth

Now you click, there we have it. Definitely, it's a great song;).

Upload a video to google earth

Embed a video to a route

Let's suppose that now I want to do the same but not to a point but a route and with a video that is not Youtube. The important thing is to know where the file is, because if you are going to share it on the web with others, it is necessary that it be available with a known url. In this case I will do it with a swf format, which is a compiled flash; it is not recommended avi videos because those formats do not run on the browser but must be downloaded locally; In any case, there are many avi to swf format converters.

Now let's see, I want to place the video that I showed you before of features with Geographics, this one is stored here:


And I want to show it on the route from the bridge of the pool to the place where the girl saw the storms in the sky. We make the route with the normal button layout, and we put almost the same Youtube code, removing what we do not require because some tags are parameters for that web.

<embed src = "/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/sig_visualizar_features.swf"Type =" application / x-shockwave-flash "allowscriptaccess =" always "allowfullscreen =" true "width ="320"Height ="265"> </ Embed>

Notice that the code just says that the flash file of 320 × 265 is displayed ... period. What is marked in bold can be changed to the taste, which would be the direction of the video and the size.

Upload a video to google earth

And there they have it, it seems like it was yesterday ... and could even stir the same chills.

Upload a video to google earth

Share on the Internet

To save the individual file, you can use the right mouse button and choose "save as", so that kmz or kml file can be sent by mail or uploaded to a website. Also the file can take several lines or points, that is in the readme of Google Earth.

Once stored somewhere, it can even be seen on Google Maps, just copy the URL of the kmz in the Google Maps browser and go.

This is the url of this file:


Although you can not see the video there, there is a link to see it in Google Earth.

Upload a video to google earth

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