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How to place a photo in Google Earth

There are several ways to upload photos to Google Earth, for others to see:

The easiest is to upload it to Panoramio, and assigning it a location, with the disadvantage that they take time to be visualized in Google Earth, because the updates are done every so often.

Another way is to place it inside kml files and share them, let's see the steps:

1. Creating the kml

To do this, within Google Earth objects are created with the commands for creating a point, polygon, route or Overlay image


To save the kml file it is done with “file / save place as “, the difference between a kml and a kmz is that the second one is a more compressed format.

2. Adding the Image

The image as embedded object is added as follows:

  • Step 1:  you touch the object, and you select right button, properties
  • Step 2: In the “description” tag, enter the following code:

Photo on google earth

  • Step 3: In the field url copies the address of the image you want to display, for example:–minas-005.jpg
    Images should be stored somewhere, you can use Googlepages, Picasa or Flickr to do so; The important thing is that they have directions to recognize them.
  • Step 4: In the width field you place the width, for example 150
    This way the label would be:
    <img src=”–minas-005.jpg” width=”150″/>
  • Step 5: Click on the “accept” button
    To see how it is, just click on the point and the image should be displayed.

Image on google earh

3. Sharing the file

To upload the file and make it visible on the network, in the left panel, where you can see the file, you right-click and choose “share/publish”. This brings up a Keyhole page, which allows you to save the kml.

You should be registered for this.

Once the file has been uploaded, the option to view it with Google Earth or Google Maps is enabled. In case you want to share them, these are the urls that you should promote.

google maps

If you want to add hyperlinks and miquis maybe you need to learn the basics of html, how to be

Hyperlinks: text
if you want it to be displayed on a new page you add target=”_blank”, if you don't add it it will be displayed on the same browser page.
Bold text The
Text with Bulletsrge
Paragraph jump

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  2. I want to see a photo of 360 degree0s and do not appear in GE

  3. Hello, I do not let me publish the photo, just send me this error, I hope and you can lend me a hand.

    This feature has been temporarily disabled
    In the meantime, please share your KML files with the community by saving the file and then using the forum to upload it.

    Wait 10 seconds to be taken to the Google Earth Community forums, or click here.

  4. Once you press the button that has the sun on a mountain, you will see a top bar with which you drag to move the hour, you can also use a button that has a clock and an arrow so that the animation between day and night is executed Intermittently

  5. I have the Google Earth 5.0 and I put the button to see the night and the day .. pro I can not see the sun .. nor the sunrise and sunset

    My email:

    Thank you

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  9. I loved the subject, I did not know that you could upload photos and less that it was so easy .. thanks for sharing that topic ... bye ...

    Domenico Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

  10. Yes, I also test it with openGL.

    Load 3 files of captured screens on how is the file in google earth, for you to analyze it?
    in this direction

  11. Hey Aldo, have you tried opening gogle earth in openGL mode?

  12. Hello empire can you help me Read my previous posts. Thank you in advance

  13. I tell you that from Picasa I could give location coordinates with Google Earth, this allows me to see my photos that are rigid, but from the web nothing, nothing, I am like fish, nothing nothing nothing

  14. Estimated by reviewing what you modify from GE, I remember you entering GENERAL OPTIONS SHOW MESSAGES WITH ALL ERRORS

  15. It is a strange error, it seems to me that it is a mistake to install Google Earth, because I can see it well,

    surprise The sample image:

    I think the right thing to do is to download Google Earth again and reinstall it.

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    2274,2366,2457,2999,3180,3634,3725,3817,4091,4453,4636,5362 Column 18:

    Unknown element rotation

    Skip Skip all Cancel

  17. Failed to parse the file "http: /" on the 604 line, column 18:

    Unknown element rotation

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  22. I started to get this error

    Failed to parse the file "http: /" on the 102 line, column 18:

    Unknown item

    Skip Skip all Cancel

  23. I do not know what happens I can not send you

  24. I read you again since I do not see the published line

  25. This is the only line, which I put in Description

  26. Hello Aldobl, tell me one thing, if you use the same example that I put, you always leave the gray square?

    That if you paste here in the comment the code that does not work to you, to see if there is some error

  27. Try step by step and I can not put the photo, just give me a small square of gray without the image

  28. I can not take photos, I can only see a cudrito with a gray background

  29. I can't post an image despite being registered. When I try to do it it warns me that I must be registered, it does not give me the option to log in, it only does it at the end but it tells me to try again where I return to the same problem at the beginning. I can't log in from the Google Earth application and from the page where I log in, I can't upload the image ... Can someone help me? thanks

  30. anything you want to show in google earth you must upload it to the web, if you want to show it to other people.

    There are several sites that allow you to store images, such as shareapic, where you can upload them, then select the images you are interested in showing in a single space and generate the code ready only to copy and paste

    I do not think you can show something like a powerpoint, but you can copy a hyperlink to deploy it. You always have to store it somewhere and then display the hyperlink as I mentioned at the end of the post.

  31. Hello, the subject was super, the one in the photo, I did not know it and it seems very simple according to your explanation. I have another question, suppose I have several images within a single point, I want to view them, in the same way a file, eg a ppt, can be viewed referring to a particular site (example disk D: / document and settings /… etc , something like hotlinks or referral links)


  32. That's good, thank you, I think I understand the basics.

  33. I'm going to leave a comment my conmentary is that I did not understand much so I'm going to resicnar not to upload my photo

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