How to pass files from the Ipad to the PC

Working on tablets is a practice that we should get used to, because it is a quite irreversible trend. In this case we will see how to resolve the issue of passing data between the PC and the ipad with at least three options.

1 Through Itunes

This is perhaps the most practical way, since only the connection cable between the Ipad is required and connected to the PC via USB. I say more practice, because the cable is the same that is used to charge the Ipad so it is impossible to not have it.


ipad pc pass data

To send a file from the Ipad, you have to select the file and make the option "send to Itunes". Then on the PC, Itunes opens, the device is selected and in the upper tab the option "applications". Then, in the lower part you can see the different applications which have the ability to share data via Itunes, the selected will be able to see the file that we decided to share via Itunes.

From here it is selected and saved in the folder of our interest.

ipad pc pass data

In case we want to send to the Ipad, then we select the option "Add", and we look for the files to load. In this case, I am loading a series of layers to be displayed in the GISRoam application, so I must ensure that I load both the dbf and shx files.

Sometimes, it seems that nothing is displayed on this panel, it is usually because the PC is poorly optimized in its RAM, so it is recommended to close Itunes and reopen it; but nothing is lost or erased from here.

2 By email

For this, the Ipad is required to have an Internet connection. This is possible via wireless network or 3G connection, which any provider can give us with plans from $ 12 per month. The card is the same as a normal SIM but not in size, on my recent trip out of the country I bought one and cut it with a pair of scissors and it worked perfectly for me; alternative that is more economical because roaming is usually expensive.

So if the machine is connected to the Internet, by e-mail we can send files.

3 By virtual disks

ipad send These are other options, some of them paid. Depending on the installed ones, when selecting the file, the option should appear:

  • Copy to iDisk
  • Copy to WebDAV
  • Share on
  • Share on Twitter

These same options work for the Iphone and there are certain others, such as the use of cable adapters SD card, USB or with remote access applications.

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  1. One of the most practical in the case of virtual disks is Dropbox, since the data can be accessed from the web, elementary both on the PC and the iPad.

    Also, with the 2 GB offered by Dropbox, it is enough for more than transfer.

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