Google Street View trivia

9 Eyes is a site that has collected curiosity images from Google Earth, specifically street views (Street View).

Should take some time to be looking for things like these, but go that some call attention. Generally the topics of interest of these guys is animals in front of the camera, girls "to go" in the corners or roads, accidents, people showing the belly and strange effects in the lens.

Although there are other sites that offer Curiosities in an organized way, 9 Eyes has them in a single sheet and without description, as if to leave it to the imagination. To show a few buttons:

Google earth trivia

This looks like a UFO in the broad daylight.

Google earth curiosities 3

Google earth curiosities 4

This man may be doing three things: Ministering a Pentecostal-style lady, helping her while she vomits or is killing her. In all cases, poor lady.

Curiosities on google earth

See this strange effect, as if something was in the air and was captured by the camera.

Google earth2 trivia

A house like the one my girl asks me for 13 years ago. I gave him the condition that if he finds me the shot in Street View he built it, right now he is traveling all over France because he swears he is there.

Curiosities on google earth street view

Of these there are many images. It reminds me of a study that was done in the transfer of venereal diseases from Mexico to Panama based on the custom of the truck drivers.

Google earth curiosities 2

Hehe, this is caressing the tube.

Curiosities geoogle earth

And this is like a crash with a spirit, because there is no sign of what hit and should be so strong that it still hurts the stomach as it appears on the far right.

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  1. The "house" is the Palace of the Arts in Valencia, Spain, designed by Calatrava and accompanied by the Science and the Oceanographic.

    Take out the checkbook,

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