Google Earth 7 limits the capture of rectified ortho images

When the new version of Plex.Earth 3 is about to come out, we realize that while it supports the loading of web services services map, the great advantage that has so far been able to download the orthorectified Google Earth image ... will not be so easy.

This is because Google, seeking to prevent users who accessed via the capture of ActiveX to generate ortho images, has closed in its free version the option to inactivate the terrain, which distorts the image accommodating on the digital model . This will also affect those who bought a version of Stitchmaps and likewise those who did it manually via print-screen and joined them in Photoshop.

I remember touching this topic before with Tomás, the creator of Cartesia while we had a coffee last year. It sounded really difficult that Google could sign with PlexScape an agreement to give it the potential that it denied to AutoDesk from the AutoCAD 2013 version. And, when we buy a satellite image with Geoeye, one of the prohibitions is to have deployments on the Internet; the best you can do is put small sections in high resolution or a full deployment in a small size. Therefore, it was ironic that he accepted what Plex.Earth does to 6 versions of Google Earth.

With this, users can continue to do it with Google Earth 6 or by buying the paid version that goes through 400 dollars, as José told us in GIS & AutoDesk Blog.

For a moment, I started doing tests in case of areas of flat topography, and I could see that the distortion is less; which goes between 3 and 7 meters. But when testing in an irregular area, I realize that the results are nothing short of disastrous.

Let's see the following example, that for the purpose of this article I have selected a point where the limit of the high resolution image is displayed, just over a hill of more than 200 meters high:

Orthophotos google earth

As the limit is in the center, we can not see the distortion caused by the relief, although it is obvious that in the ends there are as shown in the following images when we move left and right.

Orthophotos google earth

Orthophotos google earth

Now imagine being trying screens and trying to join something like this. Definitely with this Google takes a significant step so that the paid version is sold more, and to prevent massive download violations.

Meanwhile, to solve the impasse, Plex.Earth added to the 3 version Some variants as:

  • The ability to support WMS, with which we could stick to images and geographic layers served in OGC standards from the IDEs of each country.
  • The possibility of downloading image from BingMaps, that although it does not have the same coverage, every day reaches more. It also supports OpenStreet Maps.

Changes for the new version:

  • The Standard-Pro-Premium license model is eliminated where each version had different and gradual capabilities. Now any version has everything.
  • The new models are the Business Edition and Enterprise Edition, with all the capacities and differentiated by the number of machines.
  • In the case of the Business version, there is a price for a single license, and another for the purchase of 2 to 10 licenses. With the advantage that the license can be used on two machines, for example, in the office and at home, or on the desktop PC and on the laptop. Of course, it can not be used simultaneously.
  • In the case of the Enterprise license, there is a price for 10 licenses, which can also be used on two machines each; that is, 20 in total. The attractiveness of this is for companies, because they are floating, so they can be used from any machine connected to a network, using check in to capture an available license and check out to release it.
  • In the end, prices will be cheaper if we consider the double machine.

We know that this version of Plex.Earth will be available by the middle of this month of February, which we find spectacular the attractiveness of Map Explorer, which now includes a new mosaic.

3 Replies to "Google Earth 7 limits the capture of rectified ortho images"

  1. Clarifying.
    The situation affects the moment of wanting to unload covers to join them as mosaic.
    To navigate normally, no problem, no distortion, except that you can not deactivate the terrain.

  2. Hello that such friends of Geofumadas, aver aver if I understood then wants this post to say that in the new Google Earth 7 the images will be more distorted? that is, they lost quality when they are downloaded or navigated in the same GE? I still have the 6.3 version ... if you're right it's obvious that they do it so that the GE is sold with a license, spends are passed .. I'm waiting for your answer friend g!

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