Sample GeoSpatial Training Worksheet

GeoSpatial Training is promoting its new edition of courses, so we take advantage to spread some of what their students have done and the list of new courses.

Advances of recent students

From the JavaScript master for ArcGis Server, Javier Pampliega has created the application shown below from scratch. A good job in which much of what has been learned is reflected.


Awards of the first edition

For those who have followed the trail to this offer, they will know that in The previous edition of the courses An award was made to the most innovative works, and of these here we show the winners:

  • La primera Application is a development of Mario Santos Cruz Worked with the ArcGIS Server JavaScript API. A simple viewer with basic visualization tools and a geoprocessing task to search for entities at user-defined points.

User: demo

Password: ABC123 $ 2012 $


  • La second Have built it Oscar Javier Castillo y Efrain Andre Laverde With him ArcGIS Server JavaScript API for iPad. Magnificent finishes and robust operation. Here some screenshots although it is a pity that they have not promoted a domain where you can see. Either way we leave the emails in case anyone is interested.



List of layers




Home Screen


Offer online courses.


Finally, to inform that in October new sessions of the online courses begin and for this session the possibility of taking the course of Introduction to Web Development for Free If any of the courses is done:


This is the list of 9 courses to start


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