Geomatics magazines - The ranking of the main 40s

Geomatics journals have gradually evolved with the pace of a science whose definition depends a lot on technological progress and the fusion of disciplines around earth sciences. The current trends killed printed magazines of great history, reoriented the priority theme of other publications and closed the gap between what is a conventional magazine with a digital publication of blog features. The added value in knowledge management and synergy between actors became more important, so the role of conventional editorial moved to the coordination of international events, webinar service and publication of digital content.

Saying which are the main 40 is reckless, and more if they are going to be categorized. So this time I will use some criteria that justify a neutral measurement, clarifying that they are not the only publications on this subject but it is expected to be a starting point for reading lovers and companies that seek a diffusion juncture.

It is also important to mention that the "magazine" format is not necessarily what we have understood so far, it might be better to say "publications on geomatics" because today more than valuing the format we give more points to the usefulness of Internet spaces in its different modalities; forums, blogs, portals, newsletters, wikis ... together they complement each other.

Measurement using the Alexa ranking

I am using the measurement of Alexa, with the 15 date of August of 2013. This ranking is dynamic and changes over time depending on good or bad practices of the websites and adjustments of the Google algorithms.

In general, it is not equivalent to readers or visitors, but is a referent of the health of a site.

The lower the Alexa ranking, the better it is, so and are usually in the first two numbers. It is not so easy to be below the 100,000 top and although there is also ranking by country in this case I preferred to do it using the global one, indicating in the table the ranking for Spain as additional information.

Geomatics magazines

Where did the list of geomatics magazines come from?

I have used a total of 40 posts, sorted to a minor 7,000,000 ranking. While that is a fatal position for a site, I have extended it there to measure the growth of some journals that deserve better luck. Lma geospatial magazines

  • 21 of these magazines are in English. Most are listed in a List of geomatics magazines Which I published some time ago; Although at that time only mentioned 9 main and others were hardly listed, including some that are owned by companies dedicated to the manufacture of equipment or applications.
  • 8 are from the Hispanic context, just those whose ranking was within the selected scale. All in Spanish, with the exception of Geofumadas which has its English version. Here the list is quite well known, with the variant that includes of which we had never mentioned.
  • 7 are of Brazilian origin, considering that it is our complementary context. All in Portuguese, with the MundoGEO variant that has a partial version in English and Spanish. My apologies to our friends from Rio de Janeiro, but it is the list that I have been able to identify, surely there is another one around there with a better ranking in the queue.
  • And finally I have included 4 from the 5 Denver area magazines that have recently joined in the so-called Location Media Alliance - LMA. They are also in English, but some of them with the alliance changed their name and domain, with which they have had to start their growth almost from scratch; for that matter, Sensors & Systems and Informed Infraestructures are what we previously knew as Vector1 and Vectormedia. Because of its ranking, it does not appear on the Spatial Apogeo list, which used to be called Imaging Notes. It will be interesting to see its growth, since about a year ago in a bar in Amsterdam we discussed with one of its ideologists how the ZatocaConnect / Z! Spaces model works ... and over time I have seen that something of the idea embodied in the LMA .
  • The Brazilian ones are marked in green, in orange those of Spanish and celestial those of the Alliance.

The Top 10 list

The chart does not represent the first 4 journals because it loses its sense of visibility by the high ranking down the 100,000.

1 17,463 Ranking in Spain
2 73,459
3 237,096
4 251,348
5 371,638
6 388,102
7 418,868
8 442,325
9 Home 532,055 97,071
10 597,711 103,105

It surpasses Without surprise Directions Magazine that is a monster, with an enviable ranking of 17,000. After his failed attempt with his version in Spanish, he decided to concentrate on his privileged position and make an alliance with MundoGEO for the southern cone.

Geomatics magazines

The first surprise is Mapsmaniac formerly known as Google Maps Mania, which in this year made the change of domain and although they do not have a miserly logo have achieved an optimization for seekers of respect in just a few months. Equally surprising is Coordinates, who have worked hard this year to be visible in the search engines and overcome many in position.

Notice that this is dynamic, you can see how mapsmaniac from May started with your new domain; As well as Coordinates.

Ranking geomatics magazines

The rest of the queue in English are GIS Cafe, Gis Lounge, GPS World and GIS User.

It is satisfying to see how MundoGeo positions itself in fifth place and the Spanish sector include The Franz Blog (9) and Geofumadas (10) within this top 10.

The list of 10 to 20

Here appear Cartesia (11), Gabriel Ortiz (15). Possibly the reasons why these two legendary sites appear in these positions is due to the lack of platform update, separation of sites in different data managers, or the simple fact of not having a dedication to causes for which Google penalizes each some time.

Solitaire appears the blog of Anderson Madeiros (Click Geo) in the position 14 and Gerson Beltrán in the 17.

11 640,549 35,313
12 818,868
13 883,546
14 895,587
15 904,779 54,892
16 928,725
17 973,386 29,319
18 1050,952
19 1089,068
20 1089,629 Ranking Spain

Geomatic magazines

The list of 21 to 30

Already on this list are two more sites of Portuguese language, MappingGIS that is growing after the dedication of these guys this year and, Asian Surveying & Maps which is the publication with the best ranking of the LMA. Sensors & Systems appears in the 30 position, considering it is a new name, we believe it will grow faster than ASM.

21 1149,524 65,584
22 1198,105 Ranking Spain
23 1324,590
24 1433,863
25 1794,968
26 1865,712
27 1982,582
28 2119,182
29 2146,058
30 2147,894

Ranking geomatics magazines

The list of 31 to position 40

And finally, in the queue appear the other two magazines of the LMA. Then I include Geospatial Media for the ranking it has, although this is the same company from India that produces Geo Intelligence, and that emptied the contents of Geo Development in this space.

Of the Hispanic context is (33), Orbemapa (39) and three Brazilian sites.

31 2276,054
32 2294,359
33 2470,639
34 2544,817
35 2763,003
36 3560,316
37 4317,142
38 5014,245
39 6095,062
40 6333,680

Ranking geomatics magazines

In conclusion, it is important to rescue the presence of the 8 Spanish language sites within a complex list of scalar. As far as possible, we will follow up on this publication to find lessons learned from this new experience in geomatics magazines.

How to improve Alexa ranking

It is not the goal of this article, but advice can serve anyone. In general, there are some tricks that work:

  • Preferably, avoid using subdomains; It is not the same to have a site in blogspot or than a domain of its own.
  • Also the sites must register them in Alexa and follow the steps to claim the authorship.
  • Write regularly. The loss of time in seeing how the statistics go down does not help at all.
  • Read about optimization techniques. Investing in SEO is a good option, but you have to learn as well as in college we learned more complicated things.
  • Avoid techniques that may penalize the site; One of them is to abandon it.
  • And finally: write us, we have tricks that have worked for us. editor (at)

Sure there are other magazines not mentioned, some for having a ranking beyond the limit considered. If you find one ... Report it.

An update of this article was made in 2019

12 Replies to "Geomatics magazines - The ranking of the main 40"

  1. Hello, before thanking me for letting me comment, I was very interested in the last one of how to improve the ranking in alexa, the truth I am recently working on it «a newbie on the subject» and I will take into account the points mentioned and I hope I can count on your help If possible, I have already written your geomfumadas email, I will be writing to get your help and of course some tricks of yours, thanks for sharing this valuable information

  2. Interesting publicacoion, I want to know if you can provide me the mail of Franz xq I have written and I have not answered, I just want to know how he did to upload so many posts in the alexa, it would be good to share the tricks he mentions.

  3. Actually a great contribution, is more I have more pages to visit, if it is not annoying to update the list or auqneu be the top 5 or 10. Thank you for your work.

  4. It is not strictly for the mentions, rather just by installing your bar and adding a widget, when you enter your own site and "improve" the positions, so personally I do not trust Alexa, I prefer to improve the pagerank that consider the positions in the search engines and to improve it requires a real effort, so if I uninstall the bar automatically begins my descent.

  5. Very true. In my experience, I have seen sites grow with barely a mention in Geofumadas. No wonder alexa values ​​that mention in two weeks. That happens because what you value is the health of the sites.

    Take care ... It requires much more than that mention.

    It does not do much to receive the visits that sends you a site of high credibility if the people do not spend time with the content.


  6. That is why I say that it is a manipulable rank, since you published this entry, without greater effort I have managed to obtain a value inferior to the 400000, although for that reason it is important, more reliability has the pagerank, very difficult to manipulate and it costs a lot Work to improve the position.

  7. Hi, Franz.
    Yes, there are techniques to take care of the indicators that affect Alexa. However, it was the criteria I found.


  8. Thanks for the mention and the work that you develop, although the rank of alexa is manipulable but for that reason it is still important, apparently to the current date I have climbed two posts.

    Best regards.

  9. Hello Alberto.
    I agree with your posture; The ranking is just one way to measure the health of a site. But surely each company has found ways to monetize the different forms of loyalty that now represent knowledge management platforms, social networks and subscriber lists.

    Maybe one day we'll do some research like that.

    a greeting

  10. Very interesting Golgi,

    Even more interesting would be to see the profitability of these sites. Beyond Alexa's ranking are the models of exploitation of visits of the sites ... even when the sites are already closed.


  11. Very interesting Golgi,

    Even more interesting would be to see how profitable these platforms are. The exploitation model of visits is the true value of websites ... even when they are closed.

    a greeting

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