Geomap and its link with Google Maps

Some time ago I did a review of the Beta of Geomap, Which among its best attributes has the ability to synchronize data views not only with Google Maps, but also with Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps and Open Street Maps.

Unlike what other programs do, which only import a georeferenced capture, Geomap has support for loading tessellated maps, mosaics that in the form of bricks have been standardized to certain approaches so that they can be cached. It's just what we see when we zoom in on Google Maps, it does not zoom in at all, but it approaches the one that adapts to that mosaic and that's why the deployment works quickly, dynamically, and has already been adopted. very clearly Open Source tools such as Open Layers and Tile Caché.

Geomap google earth

Just today they announced a new extension called Geolocation Manager, with which you can locate data on the map, which are displayed in the Google Maps viewer in a synchronized manner. It is interesting that this works as it does in Goolge Earth or Google Maps, that we write a term from a locality, and we get back points that have a coincidence, as we see in the following example of

The island of El Hierro, on cartography of the Government of the Canary Islands.

Geomap google maps

I think that Geomap will have to be watching regularly, for innovation oriented routines commonly used by users who work with programs such as AutoCAD, Microstation and ArcMap. Very good plugin, which adds to initiatives that have caught my attention by the integration with Google Earth, as what makes PlexEarth with AutoCAD, Arc2Earth with ArcGIS, KloiGoogle with Microstation, ArcGIS, Mapinfo and Geomedia.

Little by little the interaction with online maps has been progressing on the part of the programs, both proprietary and free license. And although Google maintains some roughness with respect to WMS standards or lack of metadata for purposes that require precision, we must respect its popularity and stick to what it offers.

Go to Geobide.

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