Geofumadas: 25 influential accounts that follow us

Many trends claim that 2013 will be the year of social networking, which means that companies that still do not find a productive reason in their presence in areas such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn could face a delay to an aspect that is irreversible. Insurance will be the year that will be more evident the quality of followers, will become popular positioning techniques - criminalization and of course, the search engines within social networks will lead us to a better management of the context under a semantic rather than statistical aspiration.

Although it has been difficult to understand how the business logic of Twitter is going to be, it is working as mobile applications are developed that turn cold messages into readable news, which seems to be more attractive than rss syndication, since Takes a personal character and values ​​the influence. Communication spaces, both magazines and blogs have found that the number of followers who come to the site after a tweet is interesting to waste a lazy daily state, and retwit content that we find valuable creates an influence that leads us to Be visible and belong to listings. Although the challenge for any company or project will materialize results, which is not simple -SEO is not the same as SEM, as Marketing is not just Advertising.

Here is a list of 25 influential accounts that follow Geofumadas, 4 of them I have taken from the account in English @egeomate -Indicated with a double asterisk. All with more followers than our account and that become an interesting list because apart from belonging to the geospatial - technological sector, in total they have an influence that reaches more than 300,000 followers. And although the following lines detract from some, SocialBro places me on the list of influential.

But the numbers are too cold to see only followers; The column includes the description of the account, followers, following and additionally:

  • Followers / Following relationship, which represents a level of careful selectivity, which adds value to a custom of many accounts that seek reciprocity or the temptation for services that allow buyers to buy followers and demand this in return. The average of all these accounts is an 6.81 relation; Here excel @TheMapAddict Which have a massive 43 and @autodesk Which exceeds 14.
  • Authority, this is an index that provides, In which it makes a weighting between different conditions, like related followers, consequence of activity and how effective it is that the followers of an account see the contents promoted. Strange practices lead to a lamentable zero value, in which at least 5 of these accounts are and of which it costs to leave. In this they excel @OpenGeo (86) y TheAGU (78).
  • Finally, an indicator that approximates the percentage of real readers using Twitter Audit. A more curious fact confirms that readers are not everything, because one day you will notice how many of them are Fake Which we possibly got around but who are not real readers. As we can see, although @TheMapAddict registers a high number of followers, seemingly almost total are not active, real accounts or with following followers / following acceptable.

Twitter audit




Relationship Followers / Following


Audit Score


** 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software.


46,584 real

4,575 14.14 61 72%


Director, Bentley Systems Inc. Author, Presenter, Community Developer. Inspired by Infrastructure, Learning, Social Media and Great Ideas.


26,074 real

5,580 8.89 0 53%


GIS & Cartographic Specialist | Radical | Freethinker | Social Animal | Exploring the World!


34 real

781 43.28 59 0%


Leading real estate portal in Spain


10,166 real

4,532 5.94 20 57%


Official account of the American Geophysical Union, the world's largest organization of Earth and space scientists.


11,146 real

3,022 4.80 78 77%


** Geomatics Specialist and Web Designer with a passion for GIS, LIDAR, Hockey, Networking, the Environment, Humor and more.


1,436 real

3,784 3.46 56 11%


It's all about architecture and spatial analysis.


907 real

1,679 7.21 72 8%


** GISuser is a leading source of news and tips for the GIS, mapping, mobile, social, and geospatial professional community


7,844 real

2,371 4.72 64 70%


The IGAC is the entity in charge of producing geographic, cartographic, agronomic, cadastral and geospatial information from Colombia.

9,077 1,074 8.45 72 ?


GIS resource tool managed by Geomatics Specialists to help promote and share #GIS & #map information with others.


4,801 real

2,850 2.70 42 62%


** Enterprise Geo 2.0

4,800 real
1,174 5.34 60 76%


Civil Engineering Blog & Prontuario


4,889 real

555 11.15 50 79%



5,518 real
2,500 2.34 0 94%


We are a social enterprise working to build the best open source web-based geospatial technology.


4,793 real

735 7.87 86 83%


A community for anyone to share geographic data, maps and analysis. Powered by @geoiq!


4,529 real

2,090 2.50 33 87%


Software for Sustaining Infrastructure


3,965 real

1,060 4.88 0 77%


All the News you are interested in if you are a Civil Engineer, or you are related to the sector.


3,270 real

815 4.82 53 83%


The IGN is the official body that generates the geographical information of Spain. The CNIG develops and distributes its cartographic publications.


3,124 real

316 11.51 0 86%


Official College of Geographers of Spain


2,921 real

929 3.63 0 87%


Studies in Geosciences and Law.


2,815 real

523 5.82 35 92%


ArcGIS Online: maps for all, maps that tell stories. Find out in the blog in Spanish

2,983 1,331 2.24 56 ?


A window to #forest information. Committed to the public, and now, more than ever. The public diminishes inequalities.


2,604 real

1,100 2.68 42 88%


At Esri, your work makes a difference. Visit our website to explore opportunities and learn why we are so passionate about what we do.


2,271 real

1,319 2.20 18 78%


ICT Consultant at Author of Science Heretics, Chrononauts and The Journey of Argos,


2,588 real

1,087 2.59 74 92%

While many of these measurements are projections based on a sample of 5000 users, they are a reference to consider if you want to do a careful work on social networks.

225 iconAnd here the data of our account (@geofumadas), Closing 2012, so that we have a comparative idea:

  • Seers: Almost 1,900
  • Following: Almost 500
  • Relationship Followers / Following: 4
  • Audit Score 88%

And in this other article you can see the Influence that 11 accounts have Representative of the geospatial environment.

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