Geobide, interaction with OGC data

Something very important for current CAD / GIS applications is the ability to interact with data served in standard formats by state or deconcentrated institutions.

In this regard, the role played by the Open GIS Consortium and Open Source initiatives has been valuable, such that the term interoperability is now associated with the data service in standards and not the reading, import or transformation of files. Hence, the terms IDE and geoportals are now better known.

Geobide is one of the initiatives that has recently caught my attention, since, despite being proprietary, it does not intend to become another CAD / GIS tool, but rather works with data from existing platforms. Both with Microstation data, such as AutoCAD or ArcMap, it does very well.

Let's see what happens with OGC formats.

This is an example of Navarra's spatial data infrastructure (IDE), where geospatial data exist both in the Electronic Headquarters of the Cadastre, in the case of the State; he Territorial Wealth Service or the IDENA portal (Spatial Data Infrastructure of Navarra).


in the case of IDENA, when selecting the link showing the OGC layers, the following display appears:


If we want to do this with GeoMap:

navarra sig

In the top menu, we chose "open raster layer"Then, in the host field we wrote:

add it and then press the "Connect" button.

A new window will appear, and in this we choose the layer of our interest. Only if we are interested in a different reference system than the EPSG: 04230 ED50, we place it below.



When selecting "OK", you should load the layer in the viewer.


This and I am doing it with the previous version, which in a short time will only be a legacy. The following example is from the new version, showing the cadastral information about the PNOA orthophoto.

Makes it more efficient to deploy and redraw data when we pan or change the size of the view. Also the advantage of the tabs facilitates the synchronization without having to load many layers in the same view.


Good GeoMap capability, not only with WMS layers but also WFS.

Download Geobide

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