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A while ago I got rid of Arthemia, a template with a very good aesthetic for WordPress but with the disadvantage of lifting miniature images with the timthumb function that brings serious problems in the consumption of resource width. After several tickets raised by the administrators of HostGator I decided to save the template for while improving that weakness.

In recent WordPress updates came the automatic generation of thumbnails, which are previously stored in their different sizes. This will increase the width of hosting but is insignificant considering that they are not large files and the utility that new themes are giving this functionality. Thus, each time an article is created, WordPress generates thumbnails with widths of 32, 160 and 170 pixels.

I'm going to use at least two plugins that take advantage of this function and little problems in the consumption of resources; Both construction of Maria Shaldybina and I mean the plugins Generate posts thumbnails y Related Posts.

Generate previous post thumbnails.

One limitation of the WordPress change is the thumbnails of all previous posts. For this the Generate Thumbnails plugin does a great job, it works in mass all the thumbnails of each article in the blog, it includes a log in which the found problems are reflected, generally by images stored in another site or folder within the same domain . It is not appropriate to do this process in hours when the traffic is high, because it takes a few minutes and a HostGator ticket could arrive.

Generate thumbnails

This also helps to make the thumbnails of the Swift theme do not look fuzzy, as it does not find images of 32 × 32 with a very poor appearance.

Placing related links

This other plugin, Related posts thumbnails, places at the end of the articles links related by the categories or labels, raising a miniature image. It is obvious, that for it to work you have to execute the previous process, if not only it will show a default image in the articles that do not have a thumbnail.

Related post thumbnails 3

A common problem in this plugin is usually the special characters, such as accented letters or ñ (á é í ó ú ñ). This happens because despite the fact that the database can be configured in UTF-8 as it is my case, the generated queries may not be configured.

For this, the plugin must be edited. It is done in the left tab editor, plugins, then the file is chosen Related-posts-thumbnails.php And the content is copied for editing out.

Related post thumbnails

It is searched near the 362 row, and "htmlspecialchars (" and a closing parenthesis ")" is removed. To do this you can edit directly in Cpanel, or use DreamWeaver or CoffeeCup, as they are programs that allow us to see row numbers.

This will solve the problem of accents.

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