Free maps from around the world is one of those exceptional services that we always wanted to exist.

It is a free resource portal that focuses on offering maps of any part of the world, in different download formats, according to need. The content is separated into regional categories and includes a valuable collection of historical maps as well.

  • World and Oceans
  • Africa
  • America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Mediterranean coast
  • Oceania
  • Historical maps

Among the most valuable, they can be used for commercial purposes. Another aspect: the formats in which they can be downloaded:

  • As an image: .gif
  • Traditional vector: .wmf, .svg
  • Vector for graphic design: .cdr (Corel Draw), .ai (Adobe Illustrator)


Perhaps the most common uses are the calcomapas or illustrative maps that children ask at school. But also for purposes of graphic design, to exist in vector formats facilitates a rather tedious routine.

As I show you the examples, in the case of South America:


If it were the case of Colombia, there are 50 possible maps for download, among which Coasts, hydrography, borders, departments, main cities, contours, etc. are included. Depending on the area you can find more details such as main roads, municipal division and altitude.


Finally this example from Glaris, Switzerland.


Definitely, a great service, a great page to add to your favorites. For free maps for cartography, there is GData.

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