First Impression: Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (1018)

If you are thinking about buying a Netbook, perhaps the Dell 10 mini could be an option. In price walks for the US $ 400, much lower than the original Acer Aspire One in the beginning. It is more or less (Less than more) Equivalent to an Acer D255-2DQkk, clarifying that this version (1018) no longer exists but the new call Inspiron mini 10 (1012); Unlike the Acer the diversity of models is so wide as to lose the judgment although many hardly vary the color.

Of the 10 mini

Among the things that have caught my attention are:

  • Keyboard. We should see if the chips continue to give problems to this, but I like that the keyboard does not include the functions of the keys as a first option. Something late, but like someone turned on the focus that we use little keys like F5, F7, F11; on the other hand there are included the delivery to Datashow, wireless, brightness, audio volume, without having to use the Fn key. It is also better to configure the scroll arrows, which are as we are used to, with Start, End, Repag and Avpag option with function key. Acer's advertising causes a wave to fall on it or some drops in the open, but I do not think that implies that it is waterproof, possibly the design supports basic high sea humidity or coworkers who speak Wild Cat style; with all the keyboard I find it more comfortable to the position of typist.
  • Design It's good, I like that the cushion rubbers when closing are firm and long, far from the corners. That's a bad thing in the design of the Acer, which often causes them to be manipulated with the fingertips and end up loosening, more if the rubber is wet from the heat.
  • The touchpad has the buttons on the bottom, absurd thing that had Aspire One to dispose on the side. In the new (1012), it is even integrated into a single tablet, with a soft relief.
  • The battery, of the best. It comes pre-defined according to the configuration of Dell, so it barely lasts one hour, but choosing the savings option, the assumed performance is more than 8 hours.
  • The capacity It's quite enough, duplicates the original Acer Aspire One. It brings an Intel Atom N455 processor, with 1.66 Ghz and 2 GB of RAM. The Intel 3150 graphics accelerator seems to give it robustness, although it will surely hang with programs that are too heavy, for which there are already DualCore devices so small, but in my opinion this model is sufficient for CAD / GIS, if it is connected to a large monitor in offensive sessions for the sight.
  • Storage, Brings a hard disk of 250 GB, although near 20 GB do not come available, poro restore partition with what ever -Or almost never- we should format it but only recover an initial restoration.

Of the 10 mini

Optionally, you can include a GPS reception card called DELL Wireless 700, with which you could give GIS uses for data capture and update. Also, if you request it, you can send it with Ubuntu, which I think is a great gesture by DELL, although not yet for me.

In what I do not think there is improvement, it is the cable that seems equally vulnerable, so before I get hurt I will splint the end that connects to the Netbook. While not in 90 grades, it will remain disposable.

If there is something weird about the old one, maybe it will be that the card reader recognizes only three, instead of 5. Also this version only brings two USB devices, which I think is poor; in this it is somewhat complex to know if these are characteristics of the Mini 1012, because in the catalog it appears that it has three ports and one for a microphone that I do not see -and I do not occupy-. The rest, I think I will detect it with time.

For now, to install Chrome, Google Earth, iTunes, Live Writer and synchronize Dropbox where everything else is. And above all ... remember the Same advices, That although this is another stanza, the choir is the same ... it is a Nebook, not an Anvil.

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