The magic of Facebook

Some time ago I was so reluctant to get me to be a social network, convinced that this is for teenagers who occupy being sent photos and saying the color of pants that walk. But the differences between this initiative and others like MySpace or Hi5! they demonstrate once again that we can demonize things to stubbornness, and one day give us the stone in the teeth by simple resistance to change or acceptance of collective tendencies.

My children were bothering an entire afternoon because they wanted to get in there, knowing that if I did not help them, another would do it, I sat down, I opened their profile, gave them clear guidelines on how to control privacy and the promise that their password Will be the one I know because I hope to be watching them -More for safety than for mistrust-.


After an hour my daughter came jumping up, with her two teeth still not coming out, presuming that 18 already had friends connected and four labeled. It might seem like a little surprising statistic, but it's curious that most of her friends are second-grade schoolmates, and just as she should have been ten years away from her date of birth for Facebook to accept.

I like to know that they have a lot of confidence with me, in a couple of days they have added all their school teachers, neighbors and cousins ​​with whom they play ball in the afternoons. My son who is more ingenious gave me classes on how to make the farm Farmville, because one day I remember starting it, I planted a few plants, I put a fence, a white duck and when I saw it again a month later it was a disaster. I have come to the conclusion that some friend sent me a gift fox and this one ate the few plantings, he made love to the duck and then he ate it for dessert.

For banal uses, Facebook is a definite waste of time, depending on age, interests or point of view. But Facebook is so, absorbing, the girl who lights my eyes took a while to enter saying that she did not occupy that and that she was tired that all her friends sent her invitations. One day I finally convinced her to upload her poems that she finely builds from the soul, she spent more than an hour crying with nostalgia when she found her schoolmates in that boarding school where she had half an adolescence.

That is the magic of Facebook, its creators were ordinary people who thought basic things like:

There Chorromil Millions of pages on the Internet, the same page I am now seeing is being viewed by 50 colleagues who share my interests.

Right now they are connected half of my colleagues who played ball in the mud of that court and were poisoned with the same goodness of that mulatto that we were hungry.

Will not it be possible to make an Internet of people?

What happens if we release the API so that everyone can benefit as they want?

That's Facebook, it's the network, but not of html pages, but of people who exist, who communicate, who meet for a coffee, who research similar topics, who share information of particular or collective interest. Every day has improved the security standards, to the level that can be grouped known to turn them off all the chat window of a click or configure what we expect others to see from us. At this point it is becoming as widely used as Wikipedia, with the difference that not only can you take advantage altruistic but also commercial and personalization is the people grouped around raw planks.


To conclude I leave some pages of Facebook with the amount of fans that group, some of important companies, others of personal pages that have taken advantage of its potential, not by its appearance That is bizarre- but for more than 400 millions of real people stuck inside:

Facebook Official wall, with over 10 millions of fans.
Gray's Anathomy Series to spend a good hour at night, has more than 5 million fans.
CNN News chain, almost with the million.
I played Mario Bross Nearly a million fans
Mazinger The first Chinese comic we met in childhood. More than 230,000 fans confirm that they took care of him.
AutoCAD More from 50,000.
Love in the Time of Cholera From the book by García Márquez, almost the 50,000.
As good as it gets More from 7,000 fans of these great movie.
Revit Architecture More from 4,000.
ESRI More than 1,800, I think little but that's it. Maybe it's not the most popular page on this subject.
Blog and Web From a Mexican friend, above 800.
Bentley Systems The AutoDesk competition Bentley, But with only 800 fans.
GeoSolutions Colombian friends, with about 250.

Not to be left behind:

facebookGeofumadas on Facebook.

From this blog and other associated NetWorked blogs that are of my interest.

We'll see if we make a profit beyond replicating content.

y here I amWhat
I do not accept everyone, unless I carry the secret code: I read you in geofumadas.

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  1. Congratulations, this site has a lot of practical research and a good outline. I would like to thank you for exposing your ideas and investing time in developing pages. Good vigor!

  2. Bentley Systems The Bentley Competition ???

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    Bentley Systems The Bentley Competition ???

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