Engineering of Road Technologies in Spain and Civil Engineering in China in only 4 years

The University of Burgos has an interesting alliance with the Chongqing Jiaotong University of China, which offers the Degrees of Engineering of Road Technologies and the Degree of Civil Engineering in China, which have thought about the current and future international projection of the profession.


The Degree in Road Technologies Engineering, together with the Master's Degree in Civil Engineering, qualifies for the regulated profession of Road, Canal and Port Engineer with all the rights granted by the law on professional attributions.

After four years the student will obtain both titles and an adequate level of the three most spoken languages ​​in the world: English, Spanish and Chinese.

For this, the students of both universities will have to take two courses at their home university and the last two years at the other university. The first two years the student will study in the language of his university, the third year in English and the last year in the language of the destination university.

Outline of the Plan:


Of course, for this purpose it is compulsory to take five hours of Chinese at the Modern Languages ​​Center of the UBU and, in addition, Chongqing Jiaotong University has been asked to teach Chinese to the UBU students in a way compulsory, in third and fourth year, when they are already studying in China.

  • The University of Chongqing, will offer in its fourth year the possibility of enrolling in the subjects of the English Friendly program. The general basis of this program is that the teachers, on request, will offer the teaching material of the subject in English and offer the possibility of tutorials and exams in English.
  • Students are required to have a B2 level of English before completing the third course.

In addition, universities will include special reception programs, focused on these students in order to show them the facilities, services, accesses, supporting them in the procedures not only for registration but also in others as in the search for accommodation.

More information on UBU Homepage.

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