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Among various there, I find one of the best and affordable price Foxit PDF Editor. Very light, almost like Foxit Reader, ideal to make observations to a document that does not have the basis or responsibility, as is the case of working with the publishing house that is using Adobe In Design CS for Mac, and only generate the pdf.

foxit pdf editor

Edit text

Practically recognizes any object, image, figure and in the case of texts, group them in horizontal lines separating styles at the time of selection.

In this case, I want to make observations in an external word document with detailed explanations, what I do then is only to change to another color the content that must be edited or to make indicative figures.

foxit pdf editor

In addition, it has interesting tools for this purpose, such as grouping segments, ungrouping and then selecting the segment you can change the color, size, import source, etc.

Images and figures

You can add, replace or insert new images. Both images and objects can be rotated in sequences of 90 degrees. Even the text. The basic forms include rectangles, ellipses, lines, polylines, curves and objects with gradient tones.

foxit pdf editor

Once made the changes, with the save button stores the changes. In case of not having a paid license, a mark is created in a corner that says it has been edited with Foxit PDF Editor.

Not bad, is to download it, try it and make sure it is needed and then buy it. Among the most interesting functions is that you can import pages from another document indicating the range of pages and where you want to insert it.

Here you can download Foxit PDF Editor, on the same page you can see other solutions from the same company, including a development kit (SDK) and one in which you can make forms in pdf.

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