Difference between free Google Earth Pro and Google Earth images

There are many myths about it, from those who claim to be able to see the neighbor tanning naked to those who do not find any difference between the versions. Let's see if we talk about the point with a couple of examples:

1. Yes, there is difference in resolution

What happens is that the difference in resolution is for output purposes, if you navigate through the images you will not notice the difference, but if you are going to save the display as jpg image or print a large coverage then you can notice it.

This is an example, of an apple, if I save the image to an elevation of 130 meters, see that There is no difference. The image on the right is from Google Earth Pro, the watermarks is because the version is trial; when opening the same box with the free version, for a strange reason it has a slight rotation. I guess it's the tricks that Google uses to mislead.

Google earth images have better resolution

Google earth images have better resolutionNow see what happens if I walk away at a height of 11.45 kilometers, when saving the image with the free version, the file measures only 800 × 800 pixels. When saving it with the Pro version, a tab is raised to choose the resolution, up to 4,800 pixels.

At first sight the two images look the same, pay attention to the urban community indicated in the yellow arrow.

Google earth images have better resolution

If I approach, it is clear that Yes, there is difference Of resolution, let's not say if I approached the level of the apple marked in the box.

Google earth images have better resolution

And that is called output resolution, to save that image to that resolution with the free version would have occupied a mosaic of 7 x 7, equivalent to 49 screenshots that would then have to join. Or course Use Stitch Maps With which they can be downloaded in mosaic.

The same applies to the moment of printing, imagine that they want to send to the plotter, on photographic paper, the image of that urban community. Literally it is impossible using the free version, the Pro version would do it very successfully.

2. The base of images is the same

The images between one and another version are the same, where there is no high resolution there is not. It does not matter what version of Google Earth you have.

3. What else does the $ 400 include?

Google earth images have better resolutionBy purchasing a Google Earth Pro license you can open files such as:

  • ESRI .shp
  • .txt / .csv
  • MapInfo .tab
  • Microstation .dgn
  • .gpx
  • ERDAS .img
  • ILWIS .mpr .mpl
  • Among others…

Another important feature is that you can thematize maps based on criteria and apply templates.

Here you can Download Google Earth free version

Here you can download Google Earth Pro, trial for 7 days.

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  1. What happens is that Google shows UTM coordinates WGS84, the coordinates you mention can not be of this system but must have a different false and north, possibly a system adapted for your country.

    To give you an example, the WGS84 Datum causes the false north to be Ecuador, starting the North at zero, so when it reaches the latitude of El Salvador, that coordinate already exceeds 1.5 million meters. Also the false East is 500,000 in the 15 zone, so in your country the X coordinate goes through the 200,000

  2. I have configured in the tools tab. the option to see the coordinates in utm, for the region of central america, especially el salvador but the coordinates that it sends are not the real ones, because that happens that example the coordinates that I should see in google would be X = 440845.16, y = 307853.82 correspond to a site in the lake coatepeque those seen through google are 224704.25m and 1537311.93m the two information belong to the same point, please can you designate me, thanks

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