Destination CAD or Resignation CAD?

augi world The new edition of AUGI World has already arrived, with very interesting content, like working with SketchUp, pininos with .NET and something with Revit.

It has caught my attention a kind of analogy that makes Mark Kiker, regarding the choice of a destination adapted to the choice of a CAD tool. Although its orientation is more to the design of a destination than to the sale of an existing destination, I think it is a great article, I guess that the creators of tools will one day have raised the same. For that matter, if it were a tourist destination, how to offer a traveler an option whose path is not longer than the time it will be there, where the three-day satisfactions compensate the savings of 6 months, where no extras are offered other alternatives, and above all that the experience is such that it is worth recommending not only for pride but for being willing to repeat it again.

Not to say if it is a destination to live, work or produce; the approach is interesting, especially if it were applied because although the document seems generic for any CAD platform, it is not possible to deny a certain level of bias for the use of clichés and its link with the brand.

  • Solid standard. Does a solid, well thought-out format need to be changed every 2.375 years? Then we could say that because the velociraptor called shapefile is widely used, then it should be the standard.
  • Updated software. Are we referring to liposuction of even years or makeup change of odd years? It would be nice if it did not require duplicating the resource of the equipment and the crazy way of knowing which version of dwg we are receiving from a client.
  • Learning environment. Strongly agree, the overcrowding of AutoCAD has a great advantage in reducing the learning curve, others less popular should battle harder with this.
  • Feedback. Yes, but the wish list is very long always.
  • have a large tool belt. Chanfle!
  • Support team. Okay, AutoDesk support is not bad, because there's almost always someone around or many on the web willing to help.
  • The sharing is valued. Who values ​​it, as soon as it has been valued? ... Oh, they refer to a pat on the back; agree.
  • Do not settle for being good, but be the best. Disagree, but I do not want to bias myself either. Software is not the best for being the most used, we all remember Microsoft with its braying Windows quality was guaranteed by the portion of the market that bought their software.
  • Money does not matter. Man, even when you go on a honeymoon, that love does not know mortgages, money If it matters in relation to the return on investment.

Apart from that, I recommend reading this edition of AUGI World, which complements the diversity of educational resources for AutoCAD users, mostly provided by technicians who return the best of their experiences to the community free of charge. If they have not registered, Its worth doing.

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