Cortes in profile, in Google Maps

Hey what's that? is a service based on the Googlemaps api, which allows you to mark points on a map and view the profile of the route. Quite practical for a variety of surveying, routing, antenna placement, and other purposes.


Interesting, as you can additionally activate the contours and a strange but useful functionality is that you can mark a crosshair, outside the profile line

the result is that areas of the map whose surface is visible from this point of view can be displayed.

The map example has marked points in the following places:

Seven Peaks
The Guarramillas
The Malicious
Cerro del Buey
Water chill
Alto de los Leones de Castilla
Heap of wheat

The system can return the horizontal distances, orientation angles of the points and… eye, the routes are stored on the site, to be able to see them later.

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